Internal Motivation or External KPIs? : A study of conference-paper submissions

Borges, Liou Wei Hau:Ahmed Razman Abdul Latiff:William G. (0005) Internal Motivation or External KPIs? : A study of conference-paper submissions. Asian Journal of Business and Accounting.

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This paper examines the effect of KPIs on the output of annual research conducted by a business school in Malaysia. Specifically, the paper focuses on how faculty members respond to rigid and quantitative research performance measurementin contrast to their traditional, ethically-grounded academic goals, involving the dissemination of original research for its own sake, contributions to their fields of expertise, and growth within their respective universities by becoming bettered educators through the conduct of rigorous research programs. The paper then offers recommendations concerning how academics can maintain serious research efforts while fulfilling the KPI requirements of their institutions.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Conference Papers, Internal Motivation, Key Performance Indicators, Objectives, Human Governance
Depositing User: MR. ADNAN YAHYA
Date Deposited: 13 Oct 0005
Last Modified: 13 Oct 0005

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