The Alleys in the Central Business District of Kampala: Uses and Implications for Urban Renewal

Omolo-Okalebo, Abigail Turinayo:Fredrick (0023) The Alleys in the Central Business District of Kampala: Uses and Implications for Urban Renewal. Journal of Design and Built Environment.

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The mental image obtained along the streets of Kampala City’s Central Business District is that of an advancing city. However this is not representative of the concealed derelict alley spaces between and behind the building masses. This paper examines the structure and form of these alley spaces; their uses, and the potential for urban renewal. Through multiple methodological approaches including case analysis and deduction of empirical findings, and explanation building, the study reveals that alleys in Kampala’s CBD are significant outdoor spaces of linear nature, each with a distinct identity with respect to location, size and quality initially designated for municipal service infrastructure but now taken over by the informal commercial enterprise that sees value of these spaces and from them harnesses a means of survival, henceforth defining their character and quality. The paper concludes that the users most often focus on subspaces of activity concentrations without necessarily noticing the configuration of the whole space. For effective urban renewal to take place and for the alley to perform effectively, it should be perceived not only as a space for movement but also a place of social interaction of a diverse urban population.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: alley, form, use, urban renewal
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Date Deposited: 15 Oct 0023
Last Modified: 15 Oct 0023

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