Abdullah, Faszly Rahim:Zanaton Iksan:Oziah Othman:Wan Nasyrudin Wan (0005) PEMERKASAAN ULUL ALBAB MELALUI MODUL STEM BERSEPADU STEMind. Online Journal of Islamic Education.

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This paper discusses the concepts and the contents of intervention program modules for integrative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education based on tauhid – the integration of Aqli and Naqli knowledge. This integration is designed to produce Ulul Albab (those deeply rooted in knowledge). The Ulul Albab Empowerment Modules by STEMind (STEM islamic and da`wah), a pioneering group of applied sciences and educational researchers under UKM’s Education and Civilization Niche, are modules that integrate cross-disciplinary STEM teaching and learning with results from Tawhidic Science research activities delivered directly to the grass roots (school students). The modules applied the constructivism theory with learning-by-doing and scaffolding approaches, with facilitators guiding and connecting students’ learning experiences with excerpts from Al-Qur’an as essences in self-development and self-reflection. The modules were organized into six themes each containing several units; beginning with development of self-conciousness as khalifah, to shaping of the ummah with technological advancements inspired from nature (alam). This effort was expected to mould realization of the modules, which were integrative in sense and thus far had been pioneered through an intervention program for building the next line of Ulul Albab.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: empowerment program, integrative STEM module, integration of Aqli and Naqli knowledges, intervention program, outside the classroom, Ulul Albab
Depositing User: MR. ADNAN YAHYA
Date Deposited: 15 Oct 0005
Last Modified: 15 Oct 0005

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