Thermal Characteristics of Vitrified Sludge-clay Samples

Raman, Abdul Aziz Abdul (2005) Thermal Characteristics of Vitrified Sludge-clay Samples. .

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<p><font face="Arial">Dried and grounded sludge from waste water treatment plants, which are abundantly available waste in Malaysia,was mixed with clay at various proportions to produce 8&quot;x3112&quot;xll2&quot; sized sludge-clay samples (green samples).Pressing technique similar to the one that commonly used in tiles making technique was employed in producing the green samples. The samples were then dried at 105&deg;C for 24 hours prior to firing with specified temperature-time program. The fired samples were evaluated for thermal conductivity characteristic which was measured using guarded hot plate technique where the sample was placed in between two metal plates and quantifiable heat source was introduced to one side of the metal and passes through the sample. The temperature difference between both sides of the sample at steady state condition was measured in determining the thermal conductivity, k. The analysis of the vitrified samples proves that by manipulating the composition of sludge-clay mixture, it is possible to reproduce products such as bricks and tiles with specific thermal conductivity characteristic. On the other hand, the usage of sludge, a waste classified as 'scheduled waste' waste in Malaysia could be an alternative to costly disposal method. The raw material characteristics, detail methodology, measurement techniques used and detail results obtained are presented in this paper.</font></p>

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Thermal Characteristics of Vitrified Sludge-clay Samples
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Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2008
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