Resource Recovery from Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge

Raman, Abdul Aziz Abdul (2005) Resource Recovery from Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

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<font face="Arial">In this project, sludge from a waste water treatment plant was used to perform resource recovery activity due to its heavy metals content. It contains large amount of aluminum, calcium and ferum and traces of zinc,copper,nickel, magnesium and stanum. Firstly, the traces of metals were recovered using electrodeposition method and the remaining materials were used to produce samples through vitrification process after mixing it with clay.The samples produced are analysed for various parameters to classify and evaluate its usefulness as general building and engineering materials for various usages. In Malaysia, sludge is produced in abundance. Only a small portion of it was exported for treatment and recovery in other countries. The sludge in this work was dried and powdered and added to clay in various proportions. A 8&quot;x31/2&quot;x 112&quot; size of samples were produced by using manual press operated at 180 psi. The samples were dried in an oven at 105&deg;C for 24 hours before firing in a kiln at 1050&deg;C using specific temperature program to optimize vitrification process. The fired samples were evaluated for specific engineering applications. The thermal conductivity and sound barrier characteristics were evaluated.The project is under progress.</font>

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Resource Recovery from Waste Water Treatment Plant Sludge
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Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2008
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