Penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris Dalam Sains dan Matematik: Pelaksanaan dan Cabaran

Noor, Che Wan Jasimah bt. Wan Mohamed Radzi & Nor Azmi (2005) Penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris Dalam Sains dan Matematik: Pelaksanaan dan Cabaran. Jurnal Pendidikan, 25. pp. 27-38.

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<p class="&quot;\&quot;MsoNormal\&quot;&quot;"><span lang="&quot;\&quot;EN-US\&quot;&quot;"><font face="&quot;\&quot;Times&quot;" new="&quot;&quot;">This study focuses on the implementation and challenges faced in the usage of English in teaching and learning Science and Mathematics in schools. Based on the results, it is found that the program of teaching and learning Science and Mathematics in English are very encouraging. In primary and secondary schools, the teachers&rsquo; involved in teaching both subjects gave positive responses to this program (79% from 120 respondents). Furthermore, according to the teachers&rsquo; perception, students react positively especially in primary schools compared to secondary schools. The reason given was that the primary school students were exposed in the early years and had fewer problems in using the scientific terms. Study also shows that it is easier for the mathematics teacher to teach in English compared to Science teachers (87%). As for the students, they understood mathematics better than science (88%). With regard to the ETeMS course, 93% agree that this course should continue as it helped the teachers in the teaching process. Lastly, analysis on Science and Mathematics exams conducted in rural and urban schools, before and after the PPSMI program, shows an improvement especially in Mathematics. <o:p></o:p></font></span></p>

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Science, Mathematics, Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Melayu
Subjects: Q Science
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