Oral cancer and Precancer in Malaysia The Database and Tissue Resource Bank.

RB, Zain (2005) Oral cancer and Precancer in Malaysia The Database and Tissue Resource Bank. UNSPECIFIED.

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<p align="justify"><font face="Arial"><strong>Zain RB, Raja Latifah RJ, Razak IA, Ismail SM, Atiya SA, Hashim BY, Jallaludin A, Bustam AZ, Rahman ZAA, Krishnan G, Kipli NP, Samsudin AR, Nasir WM, Mahadzir WMW, Abraham MT, Norma J, Tay KK, Yuen KM, Cheong SC and Other MOCRI team members.</strong></font></p> <p align="justify"><font face="Arial"><em>Introduction:</em> Uncoordinated data collection by different research groups prompted the initiation of a Malaysian Oral Cancel Research Initiative (MOCRI) group.<br /> <em>Objective:</em> To co-ordinate and standardize data and tissue collection and storage; develop a minimum dataset on risk factors, intervention techniques and quality of life of oral cancer patients.<br /> <em>Materials and Methods:</em> A computer software programme is currently being developed to accommodate multi-centre data collection and research activities in eight hospitals. The complete dataset includes parameter on sociodemographic, clinical, pathological, quality of life measures, details of treatment methods, vital status and dietary intake. Tissues are being collected, stored and catalogued as fresh and formalin-fixed in tissue and data collection includes the establishment of oral cancer cell-lines. These tissues are being planned for studies on genetic profile, genetic polymorphism, diagnostic and prognostic markers.<br /> <em>Results:</em> Tissues and data on 115 oral cancers 9 leukoplakia and 13 lichen planus has been collected since 2003. Preliminary data from 2004 were analysed for 58 cancer patients. Majority of them more than 60 years old (65.5%) with a mean age of 63.3. Twenty-four (41.4%) were males, 34 (58.6%) females with the majority of them being Indians (56.9%) followed by Chinese and Malays (15.5%, each). Indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak (12.1%). Eighteen (31%) respondents were smokers, 17 (29.3%) alcohol drinkers and 31 (53.4%) betel quid chewers. Five patients have had histories of family cancers where 3 include immediate family members with head and neck cancers. For the quality of like measures, only 30.2% felt that their daily activities were disrupted despite having advanced cancers. Satellite researches are in progress on genetic polymorphism and tumour markers. One oral cancer cell-line has been established.<br /> <em>Conclusion:</em> The establishment of oral cancer database and tissue bank is encouraging and supports on-going satellite researches. </font></p> <p align="justify"><font face="Arial">Oral Oncology, MacMillan India; 2005. Vol 10: 3-12</font></p>

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