Crystal structure of bromotri(p-tolyl)tin(center dot)hexamethylphosphoramide

MUN, LO KONG (2001) Crystal structure of bromotri(p-tolyl)tin(center dot)hexamethylphosphoramide. Main Group Metal Chemistry, 24.

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An usually large n-O=P angle is a typical feature found in organotin complexes of phosphine oxide of which there are over 140 in the structural literature. For example, the hexamethylphsophoraimide adduct of trphenyltin bis(N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamoylthiolyacetate) has an almost linear (167.8(2)o skeleton, as does the adduct of bis(triphenyltn) succinate (166.6(3)o . The triphenylphsphine oxide adduct of triphenyltin bromide features a similar angle (166.5(3)o. The 169.3(3) angle in the title complex belongs to the higher end of the range of angles in these five coordinate triorganotin compounds.

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