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AHMAD, RASHIDI (2012) A conceptualisation of an agent - oriented triage decision suppoty systme. pp. 272-282.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2012) A development of snake bite identification system (N'viteR) using Neuro-GA). pp. 490-494.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2012) A predictor of hypovolemic shock class 1. pp. 53-56.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2012) The development of a flies recognition system. 503 - 507.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2012) The in vivo antihypertensive effects of standardized methanol extracts of Orthosiphon stamineus on spontanesous hypertensive rats. 376 - 379.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2011) A comparative study between standard Back Propagation and Resilient Propagation on snake identification accuracy. pp. 242-246.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2011) A five year retrospective review of snakebite patients admitted to a tertoari university hospital in Malaysia.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2011) A five-year retrospective review of snakebite patients admitted to a tertiary university hospital in Malaysia.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2011) A very rare cause of intusususception. pp. 49-52.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2011) The use of end-tidal capnography to minotr non- intubated patients presenting with acute exacerbation of asthma in the emergency department. pp. 581-589.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) A multicenter study on the attitudes of Malaysian Emergency healthcare staff towards allowing family presence during resuscitation of adult patients.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) A rare cause of anterior chest wall abscess. pp. 241-243.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) A study on the Magnitude and th eEffectivess o fthe Observation Ward of Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) A study on the effectiveness of intravenous tramadol in the management of severe traumatic pain in ED.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) Assesing patient Pain Scores in the Emergency Department.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) Chest pain in Emergency Department: A diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis must be ruled out.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) Ruptured infected pseudoaneurysm. pp. 55-57.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) The influence of B2 AR polymorphism as a predictor of succesful short acting B2 agonist nebulization during asthmatic exacerbation. Journal of Hainan Medical University.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2010) Tomoi (muay Thai Kickboxing) death: A Lesson learned.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2009) A case report of survived undiagnosed patients presented to ED.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2009) A traditional Malay myth leading to unintentional self intoxication with kecubung fruit.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2009) Correlations between capnograhic waveforms and peak flow meter measurement in emergency department management of asthma.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2009) Inflammatory Pseudotumour of Stomach in an Old lady: A Rare Case Report.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2009) The magnitude of one week mortality outcome of red tag patients in ED of HUSM.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2009) Translating knowledge to attitude: A surgery on the perception of bystander CPR among dental.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2008) An unusual case of urethral hirudiniasis.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2008) Beta 2 adrenegic receptor polymorphisms and acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma. pp. 7-11.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2008) Comparison of acute pain relief among different ethnics who presented with acute abdominal pain in the ED.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2008) Fourniers gangrene in a 3 month old child.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2008) Oral bag valve mask insufflation technique to remove unilateral friable nasal foreign body in ED Malaysia Family Physician 2008.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2008) The experience of mobile medical term during major flood. pp. 47-50.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) A Medical reconnnaisance team at tsunami-struck Sri Lanka. pp. 79-83.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) A medical reconnaise team at tsunami-struck Sri Lanka. pp. 79-83.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) Benign myalgia cruris epidemica: unusual presentation of dengue fever. pp. 1084-1087.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) Hand Grenade Blast Injuries, Malaysian Jorunal of Medical Sicences. 58 - 61.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) Magnitude of Non-traumatic Altered of Consciousness in Department of Emergency Medicine, HUSM. pp. 10-13.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) The use of an in house scoring system scale versus glasgow coma scale in non traumatic altered state of consciousness. pp. 1126-1140.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2006) Roles of university in disaster management.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2005) Ambulance service at HUSM and HKB. A retrospective study of calls. pp. 30-38.

Book Section

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2014) Task Knowledge Model for Triage Decision Support. In: Advances in Systems Science. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 473-482.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2013) Plasma Methadone Level Monitoring in Methadone Maintenance Therapy: A Personalised Methadone Therapy. In: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science > " New Insights into Toxicity and Drug Testing". UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-953-51-0946-4

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2012) A conceptualisation of an Agent-Oriented Triage Decision Support System. In: A conceptualisation of an Agent-Oriented Triage Decision Support System. UNSPECIFIED, 272 - 282.


AHMAD, RASHIDI (2007) The 1st International Medical Workshop on Disaster Prevention and Rehabilitation. UNSPECIFIED.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2006) Difficult Airway Management in Emergency Situation. UNSPECIFIED.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2006) Roles of University in Disaster Management - USM Perspective (Proceeding book in the Conference on Disaster Management Through Regional Cooperation. UNSPECIFIED.

AHMAD, RASHIDI (2006) Transportation of critically ill patient. UNSPECIFIED.

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