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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2013) Alternative Energy Resources in Bangladesh and Future Prospect. pp. 698-707.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2013) Global warming and climate change: prospects and challenges toward long-term policies in Bangladesh. pp. 67-83.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2012) Community Participation on Health and Family Planning Programs in Bangladesh: The Role of Education and Knowledge on HEP for Plummeting Pharmaceutical Costing.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2012) Fecundity and Temporal Reproductive Cycle of Four Finger Threadfin (Eleutheronema tetradactylum) in Malaysian Coastal Waters. pp. 1100-1109.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2012) Male Infertility in Bangladesh: What Serve Better- Pharmacological Help or Awareness Programme? pp. 687-694.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2012) The role and responsibility of education system in ensuring pharmacological and medical services for animals and livestock in Bangladesh: A further essence for environment and climate change.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2011) Early childhood mortality and affecting factors in developing countries: An experience from Bangladesh. pp. 790-796.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2010) Policy Challenges Toward Potential Climate Change Impacts: In Search of Agro-Environmental Stability.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2009) Climate Change, Agricultural Sustainability, Food Security and Poverty in Malaysia.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2009) Does tourism contribute significantly to the Malaysian Economy? Multiplier analysis using I-O technique.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2009) Energy use and environmental impact of new alternative fuel mix in electricity generation in Malaysia.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2009) Trade, Economic Development and the Environment: Malaysian Experience.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2008) Electricity & Pollution: An Input-Output Analysis of Air Emissions in Malaysia.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2008) Environmental impact of alternative fuel mix in electricity generation in Malaysia.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2008) Globalization & Environmental Degradation: Bangladeshi Thinking as A Developing Nation by 2015.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2008) Impacts Of External Price Shocks On Malaysian Macro Economy-An Applied General Equilibrium Analysis.

Book Section

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2013) Climate change issues and Malaysian initiatives. In: Climate Change Governance. Springer.

AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2012) Economic Impact of Tourism - A Review of Literatures on Methodologies and Their Uses: 1969-2011. In: Visions for Global Tourism Industry - Creating and Sustaining Competitive Strategies. InTech, pp. 269-294.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2008) Globalization, Poverty Inequality and Sustainable Livelihood Diversification in Third World Countries: An Assessment. In: Linking Environment and Rural Poverty: Governance and Sustainable Development Policies. Institute for Environment and Development (LESTARI), UKM, Malaysia.


AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2015) Climate Change Impacts and Management (handling climatic, physical, human and biodiversity impacts on land and water ecosystems) Edition. UNSPECIFIED.

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AL-AMIN, ABUL QUASEM (2011) Estimating Total Economic Impact of Tourism to Malaysian Economy: An Input-Output Analysis. UNSPECIFIED.

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