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ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2016) Child Marriage Law and Freedom of Choice: The Battle against Early Marriage in Bangladesh. Economic and Political Weekly.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2016) Evaluating the Long-run Impact of An Innovative Anti- poverty Program: Evidence Using Household Panel Data. Applied Economics.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) The Dissonance between Schooling and Learning. Comparative Education Review.

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ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Social Divisions in School Participation and Attainment in India: 1983-2004.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2013) Bangladesh's Achievements in Social Development Indicators: Explaining the Puzzle.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2013) Peaceful Coexistence? The Role of Religious Schools and NGOs in the Growth of Female Secondary Schooling in Bangladesh. journal of development studies, 49 (2). pp. 223-237.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2012) Inequality of Educational Opportunity in India: Changes Over Time and Across States. World Development, 40 (6). pp. 1151-1163.

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ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2011) Poisoning the mind: Arsenic contamination of drinking water wells and children's educational achievement in rural Bangladesh. pp. 873-888.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2011) eJournal USA: Educating Women and Girls. eJournal USA, 15 (12).

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ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2005) The effect of class size on student achievement. Applied Economics Letters, 12 (4). pp. 217-221.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2002) Review of "The poverty of Development Economics". Latin American Politcs and Society, 44 (2). pp. 161-165.

Book Section

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2009) Assessing the performance of madrassas in rural Bangladesh. In: Emerging Evidence on Vouchers and Faith-Based Providers in Education. World Bank, Washington DC, p. 12. ISBN 978-0-8213-7976-9


ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2016) Minimum wage attracts girls to factories. Development and Cooperation (D+C).

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) "Bangladesh s politicians should keep their hands off Grameen Bank". East Asia Forum (EAF), Australian National University (ANU).

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) "Pathways to Development". UNSPECIFIED.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) "Vietnam's High Pisa Scores Cause a Stir". Bangkok Post.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) "Vietnam's Performance in PISA". UNSPECIFIED.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) Child Marriage Law and freedom of choice. UNSPECIFIED.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) In school but not learning. BRAC Blog.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) Sustaining Women's Literacy and SDGs. UNSPECIFIED.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2015) Vietnams PISA surprise: Its not about the resources. Oxford University.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) An education in gender equity. The Straits Times (Singapore).

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Closing the gender gap in the developing world. World Economic Forum (WEF) blog.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Managing Malaysia's Education Crisis. The Edge Malaysia.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Pathways to Development. Asia Pathways Blog, Asian Development Bank Institute.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Quality Education for All. The Daily Star.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Saving Grameen Bank, Sustaining the Bangladesh Paradox. The Diplomat.

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2014) Will India's Social Development Stagnate Under Modi? East Asia Forum (EAF), Australian National University (ANU).

ASADULLAH, M NIAZ (2013) Still in the Last Row. The Hindu (India).

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