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Basirun, W. J. (2014) Effect of Ce Doping on RGO-TiO2 Nanocomposite for High Photoelectrocatalytic Behavior. International Journal of Photoenergy.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Effect of hydrogen gas on the growth process of PbS nanorods grown by a CVD method. Current Applied Physics, 14 (8). pp. 1031-1035.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Facile preparation of MnO2 nanotubes/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for electrochemical sensing of hydrogen peroxide. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 210. pp. 526-534.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Mechanical properties and biomedical application of nano-tube hydroxyapatite/reduced graphene oxide composite. Carbon, 69. pp. 32-45.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Photoelectrocatalytic activity of Zn-loaded RGO-TiO2 composite coatings on mild steel substrate via DC electrochemical co-deposition. The European Physical Journal Applied Physics, 62 (2). p. 20303.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Semiconducting Composite Oxide Y2CuO4-5CuO Thin Films for Investigation of Photoelectrochemical Properties. pp. 8523-8529.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Synthesis and characterization of single crystal PbO nanoparticles in a gelatin medium. Ceramics International, 40. pp. 11699-11703.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Synthesis of Polypyrrole Coated Silver Nanostrip Bundles and Their Application for Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide. J. Electrochemical Society, 161 (9). H487-H492.

Basirun, W. J. (2014) Synthesis, characterization, and sensing applications of polypyrrole coated Fe3O4 nanostrip bundles. Ceramics International, 40 (7). pp. 9265-9272.

Basirun, W. J. and Alias, Y. (2012) Comparison of corrosion protection between double strands of polyaniline and poly o-anisidine with poly(acrylic acid co-acryl amide) steel. J Coatings Technology and Research, 9. pp. 79-86.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Chemical wet etching of silicon wafers from a mixture of concentrated acids. Advance Material Research. pp. 1027-1032.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Electrical Impedance of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Oxides doped with Aluminum. pp. 92-93.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Electrochemical and FTIR studies of mechanical alloyed Mg2Ni. pp. 75-76.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Electrodeposition of Tin using Tin (II) Methanesulfonate from a mixture of ionic liquid and methanesulfonic acid. Advance Materials Research. pp. 1462-1467.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Influence of magnetic field on corrosion resistance and Microstructure of electrodeposited Ni coatings. pp. 1383-1388.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Morphology and mass changes with magnetic field during the electrodeposition of Ni-Co. Advance Material Research. pp. 1389-1394.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Normal and Anomalous Codeposition of Ni-Co-Fe-Zn Alloys from EMIC/EG in the Presence of an External Magnetic Field. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 42 (8). pp. 2402-2410.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Structure characterization of electrodeposited Zinc Selenide thin Films. Advance Material Research. pp. 732-737.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-methylpyrrole)/TiO2 composites on steel. Applied Surface Science, 257. pp. 3702-3708.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Synthesis and characterization of Polypyrrole/ Sn-doped TiO2 nanocomposites (NCs) as a protective pigment. pp. 8317-8325.

Basirun, W. J. (2011) Synthesis of polypyrrole/Ni-doped TiO2 nanocomposites NCs) as a protective pigment in organic coatings. pp. 56-64.

Basirun, W. J. (2009) Conductivity studies of grafted natural rubber and ionic liquid electrolyte systems. MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE, 28 (2). pp. 209-215.

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