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DUDERIJA, ADIS (2014) Islam and ChristianMuslim Relations. Islam and ChristianMuslim Relations.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2012) Pre Modern and Critical Progressive Methodologies of Interpretation of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. Journal of Qur?an and Hadith Studies.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2012) The Evolution in the concept of Sunnah during the first four generations of Muslims in relation to the development of the concept of an authentic hadith as based on recent western scholarship.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2011) Neo-traditional Salafi Hermeneutics of the Qur'an and Sunna. Religion Compass.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2010) Constructing the religious Self and the Other: neo- traditional Sala64257; Manhaj.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2010) Historical Influences in the Construction of Religious Identities Among Western Muslims. Middle East Studies Online.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2010) Progressive Muslims-Defining Ways of being a Muslim.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2009) A Paradigm Shift in Assessing /Evaluating the Value and Significance of hadith in Islamic thought- From ulum-ul hadith to usul-ul-fiqh.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2009) Constructing the Religious Self and the other: the neo- Traditional Salafi Manhaj.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2009) The evolution in the canonical Sunni Hadith body of literature and the concept of an authentic hadith during the formative period of Islamic thought as based on recent Western scholarship.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2008) Identifying factors determining religious identity constructions among western born Muslims: Towards a theoretical framework.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2008) onstructing the Religious Self and the other: progressive Muslim manhaj. Studies in Contemporary Islam.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2007) Islamic groups and their Worldviews: The case of Progressive Muslims and Neo-Traditional Salafis.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2007) Literature Review on religious identity construction in the context of being an new immigrant minority religion: The Case of Western Muslims. Journal of Immigrants and Minorities.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2007) Neo-Traditional Salafi Quran-Sunnah Hermeneutic and the Construction of a Normative Muslimah Image. HAWWA-Journal of Women in the Middle East and the Muslim World.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2007) Toward a New Methodology of the nature and the scope of the concept of Sunnah.

Book Section

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2014) Islamic Law Reform and Maq257;7779;id al-shar299;703;a in the Thought of Mohammad Hashim Kamali; Adis Duderija. In: shari%92a-and-contemporary-reformist-muslim- thought-adis-duderija/?K=9781137323859. UNSPECIFIED.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2014) Maq257;sid Al Shari 702;ah, Gender Non-Patriarchal Qur257;n- Sunna Hermeneutics and the Reformation of Muslim Family Law,. In: Maqasid Al Shari ah and Contemporary Muslim Reformist Thought: An Examination ,Palgrave,2014. Palgrave, pp. 193-218. ISBN 9781137323859

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2014) Maq257;sid Al Shari 702;ah, Gender Non-Patriarchal Qur257;n-Sunna Hermeneutics and the Reformation of Muslim Family Law. In: Maqasid Al Shari ah and Contemporary Muslim Reformist Thought ,Palgrave,2014. Palgrave, pp. 13-37. ISBN 9781137323859

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2014) The Emergence of a Western Muslims identity. In: Routledge handbook of Islam in the West. UNSPECIFIED.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2014)  Maqasid Al Shariah, Gender Egalitarian Quranic Hermeneutics and the Reformation of Muslim Family Law. In: and-contemporary-reformist-muslim-thought-adis- duderija/?K=9781137323859. UNSPECIFIED.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2010) Identity Construction Among Western (Born) Muslims: Religious Traditions and Social Orientation. In: Muslims in Australia: The Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion,. UNSPECIFIED.


DUDERIJA, ADIS (2011) Constructing Religiously Ideal Believer and Muslim Woman Concepts: Neo-Traditional Salafi and Progressive Muslim Methods of Interpretation (Manahij). Palgrave mcMillan.


DUDERIJA, ADIS (2010) Living Our Religions; Hindu and Muslim South Asian- American Women Narrate Their Experiences. By Anjana Narayan , Bandana Purkayastha(ed.). UNSPECIFIED.

DUDERIJA, ADIS (2009) review of Canadian Islamic Schools- Unravelling The Politics Of Faith, Gender, Knowledge, And Identity. UNSPECIFIED.

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