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F.D., Yusop, (2015) Electronic Continuous Professional Development (E-CPD) for teachers: bridging the gap between knowledge and application. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 15 (3). pp. 116-129.

F.D., Yusop, (2015) Evaluating the performance of electromagnetic fields (EMF) research work (2003 2013). Scientometrics, 1.

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F.D., Yusop, (2005) Peranan ibubapa dan guru dalam membantu pelajar-pelajar yang menghadapi masalah pencapaian akademik (The role of parents and educators in assisting low-academic-performance students). Jurnal Pendidikan Keluaran Khas (Kepelbagaian Dalam Pendidikan.

Book Section

F.D., Yusop, (2014) Improving the quality of contemporary graduate education: a proposal for nurturing future civic-minded professionals. In: Neubauer, D., Issues in graduate education. UNSPECIFIED.


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F.D., Yusop, (2010) A comparative case study of approaches to authentic learning in instructional design at two universities. UNSPECIFIED.

F.D., Yusop, (2010) Challenges in developing sustainable relationship with community partners: What really happened in the service-learning activities? What can be done differently? UNSPECIFIED.

F.D., Yusop, (2010) Learning and practicing instructional design in the context of a social enterprise. UNSPECIFIED.

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F.D., Yusop, (2008) Investigating collaborative learning experiences: A case of cross-border virtual teams. UNSPECIFIED.

F.D., Yusop, (2008) ¿I don¿t want to be empowered¿: The challenge of involving real-world clients in instructional design experiences. UNSPECIFIED.

F.D., Yusop, (2007) Designing cross-border online collaborative learning experiences. UNSPECIFIED.

F.D., Yusop, (2004) Pembangunan Hypermedia: ICT sebagai pemangkin pemikiran kritis dan kreatif (Hypermedia construction: ICT as the catalyst for critical and creative thinking). UNSPECIFIED.

F.D., Yusop, (2004) Using ICT to assist students¿ learning in a hypermedia construction activity. UNSPECIFIED.

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