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FONG, WONG POOI (2015) HA Ab-Rahman, PF Wong, H Rahim, J Abd-Jamil, KK Tan, S Sulaiman, CS Lum, SF Syed-Omar and S AbuBakar. Dengue death with evidence of hemophagocytic syndrome and dengue virus infection in the bone marrow. SpringerPlus 2015, 4:665, doi:10.1186/s40064-015-1463-z. Springerplus.

FONG, WONG POOI (2015) Lai SL, Wong PF, Lim TK, Lin QS and Mustafa MR. Mechanisms of Panduratin A on A375 Melanoma Cells: A Quantitative and Temporal Proteomics Analysis. Proteomics. 2015 May;15(9):1608-21. doi: 10.1002/pmic.201400039. Proteomics.

FONG, WONG POOI (2014) Paeonol Protects Against Premature Senescence In Endothelial Cells By Modulating Sirtuin 1 Pathway.

FONG, WONG POOI (2014) Senescence Affects Endothelial Cells Susceptibility to Dengue Virus Infection.

FONG, WONG POOI (2013) Alpha-tomatine synergises with paclitaxel to enhance apoptosis of androgen-independent human prostate cancer PC-3 cells in vitro and in vivo. Phytomedicine, 20 (14). pp. 1297-1305.

FONG, WONG POOI (2013) Discovery of 7-azaindole based anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitors: Wild type and mutant (L1196M) active compounds with unique binding mode. pp. 4911-4918.

FONG, WONG POOI (2013) MicroRNA 299-3p modulates replicative senescence in endothelial cells. Physiological Genomics.

FONG, WONG POOI (2012) Eurycomanone Suppresses Expression of Lung Cancer Cell Tumor Markers, Prohibitin, Annexin 1 and Endoplasmic Reticulum Protein 28. Phytomedicine.

FONG, WONG POOI (2011) Alpha-Tomatine Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits Nuclear Factor-Kappa B Activation on Human Prostatic Adenocarcinoma PC-3 Cells.

FONG, WONG POOI (2011) In vitro antiviral activity of Fisetin, Rutin and Naringenin against Dengue virus Type-2.

FONG, WONG POOI (2006) Proteomics Analysis of Red Alga, Gracilaria changii. Journal of Phycology, 42 (1). pp. 113-120.


FONG, WONG POOI (2014) Eng-Soon Khor and Pooi-Fong Wong. Inhibition of mTOF Complex 1 (mTORCI) Mitigates Replicative Senescence in Endothelial Cells. 21st Annual Malaysian Society for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Meeting, 01 Oct 2014 to 03 Oct 2014, Monash University Malaysia, pp. 54. MSMBB.

FONG, WONG POOI (2014) Jamal J, Mustafa MR, Wong PF. Paeonol Protects Endothelial Cells from Stress8208;Induced Premature Senescence by Activating Sirt1. Pharmacology and Physiology International Scientific Congress.

FONG, WONG POOI (2014) KL Tong, ST Lee, S AbuBakar, KL Chan and PF Wong. Standardized-rich quassinoids Eurycoma longifolia fraction suppresses prostate cancer progression and bone marrow colony formation in vivo. Pharmacology and Physiology International Scientific Congress.

FONG, WONG POOI (2014) SL Lai, PF Wong, TK Lim, QS Lin and MR Mustafa. Panduratin A Inhibits Angiogenesis by Targeting mTOR Pathway. Pharmacology and Physiology International Scientific Congress.

FONG, WONG POOI (2013) Paeonol Protects Endothelial Cells Against H2O2-Induced Senescence. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2013) Tong KL, AbuBakar S, Chan KL, Wong PF. 2013. Anti- protiferative potentials of standardized quassinoid- rich Eurycoma Iongifolia extract on prostate cancer cells., International Conference on Natural Products and Health 2013 (NPH2013) School of Biological Sciences (SBS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, on 5-7 Sep, 2013, p.26. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2012) MicroRNA signature of pulmonary microvascular hyperpermeability in senescent pulmonaryendothelial cells. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2012) Teoh BT, Sam SS, Tan KK, Danlami MB, Johari J, Shu MH, Pang SP, Nor-Amdan NA, Hashim SH, Tiong V, Abd- Jamil J, MatRahim N, Misbah S, Wong PF, Zandi K, Mahadi NM, Abubakar S. Purifying selection in the evolution of dengue virus type 1 in Malaysia. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, Vol: 16, Pages: E273-E273, 2012. Elsevier.

FONG, WONG POOI (2011) microRNAs Targeting Histone Deacetylase in Cellular Senescence of Endothelial Cells, RNAi and miRNA Europe qPCR Europe Epigenetics Europe. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2010) Evaluation of anti-cancer effect of alpha- tomatine on PC-3 human prostate cancer cells by cell impedance and high content screening assay. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2010) Involvement of Nuclear Factor-kappa B Signaling in the Induction of Apoptosis and Inhibition of Human Prostate Cancer PC3 Cell Invasion by Alpha- tomatine. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2010) Wong PF and AbuBakar S. Influence of high intracellular zinc on prostate cancer cells growth and transcriptional responses, International Journal Of Molecular Medicine, Vol: 26 Pages: S68-S68 Supplement: 1 Meeting Abstract: 355, 2010. Spandidos Publications, Ltd.

FONG, WONG POOI (2009) Antiproliferative activity of 18 selective Malaysian plants. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2009) Direct Binding Of Gangliosides To Helicobacter Pylori Vacuolating Cytotoxin (Vaca) Neutralizes Its Toxin Activity, 3rd Congress of European Microbiologists. UNSPECIFIED.

FONG, WONG POOI (2008) Metastatic burden of human myeloma labelled with luciferase reporter gene in CD122+ cells-depleted NOD/SCID recipients.,. UNSPECIFIED.

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