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HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2012) (8722;)-Kunstleramide, a New Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Dienamide from the Bark of Beilschmiedia kunstleri Gamble. pp. 4197-4208.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2011) Anti-inflammatory activities of cucurbitacin E isolated from Citrullus lanatus var. citroides: Role of reactive nitrogen species and cyclooxygenase enzyme inhibition. Fitoterapia, 82 (-). pp. 1190-1197.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2010) Bisleuconothine A, an eburnane-aspidosperma bisindole alkaloid from Leuconotis griffithii. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 20. pp. 2021-2024.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2009) 4-(3,4-Dihydro-┬┐┬┐carbolin-1-yl)-pyrimidin-2-Amine. Acta Cryst (E).

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2009) A FeCl3-promoted highly atropodiastereoselective cascade reaction: synthetic utility of radical cations in indolo stilbene contruction. Tetrahedon, 65 (7). pp. 1504-1516.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2009) Ceramicines B-D, New Antiplasmodial Limonoids From Chisochenon ceramicus. pp. 727-730.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2009) Grandine A, a new proaporphine alkaloid from the barks of Phoebe grandis.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2008) 17-(5-Ethyl-6-methylheptan-2-yl)-10,13-dimethyl-2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17-tetradecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene-3,7-diol.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2008) 2,7-dihydroxy-3,6-dimethoxyphenanthrene from Dehaasia longipedicellata.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2008) A Potent Bcl-xL Inhibitor from Meiogyne cylindrocarpa.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2008) CeramicineA and Walsogyne A, Novel Limonoids from Two Species of Meliaceae. Tetrahedron Letters.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2008) New phenanthrene alkaloids from Cryptocarya crassinervia.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (1994) Secotirucallane triterpenes from the stem bark of Agalia leucophylla.

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (1982) A Reinvestigation of Pictet-Gams Isoquinoline Synthesis Part 2. Formation of Rearranged Isoquinoline, the oxazoline transformation. J. Chem. Research, 6. pp. 156-157.

Book Section

HADI, A HAMID BIN A (2005) Efficient HPLC Procedures for Natural Product Isolation : Application to phenol from timber. In: Frontiers in Natural Product Chemistry. Published by Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., pp 177-184.

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