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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2016) Comparative study of the inverse versus normal bicontinuous cubic phases of the -D- glucopyranoside water-driven self- assemblies using fluorescent probes. RSC Advances, 6 (1). 227-235 .

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2015) Organocatalysis by p-sulfonic acid calix[4]arene: a convenient and efficient route to 2,3- dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones in aqueous media. Rsc Advances, 5. p. 7755.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2014) AIM and NBO analyses on hydrogen bonds formation in sugar-based surfactants (945;/946;-D-mannose and n- octyl-945;/946;- D-mannopyranoside): a density functional theory study. Liquid Crystals, 41 (6). 784-792 .

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2014) Influence of nonionic branched-chain alkyl glycosides on a model nano-emulsion for drug delivery systems. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 115. 267274.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2014) Lyotropic Phase Behaviour and Structural Parameters of Monosaccharide and Disaccharide Guerbet Branched- chain 946;-D-glycosides.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2013) Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Lyotropic Phases of Alkyl beta-glycoside/D2O Systems. 73357344.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2013) Hydrogen bonds in Galactopyranoside and Glucopyranoside: a density functional theory study. Journal of Moleuclar Modeling, 19 (2). pp. 589-599.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2013) Novel Mix-Heteroatoms Macrocycles Via Templating: New Protocol. Tetrahedon Letters, 54 (12). 15341537.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2012) Alkyl triazole glycosides (ATGs) A new class of bio related surfactants. pp. 196-200.

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Book Section

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2012) Bound water investigation on disaccharide based glycolipids. In: NanoFormulation. Royal Society of Chemistry. ISBN 978-1-84973-524-7


HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2008) Ahmed Zewail, Beyond Science, (2008) edited by Rauzah Hashim, University of Malaya Publication. (Book). University of Malaya. ISBN 978-983-44296-2-1


HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2013) Effects of sugar stereochemistry on lyotropic mesophases of branched-chain synthetic glycolipids. SPRINGER.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2013) Mukjizat Zam-Zam. Astro-Oasis.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2012) Mukjizat Zam-Zam, Appearing on TV Astro-Oasis on 24 January 2012(National). TV Astro-Oasis.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2012) Phase Behaviour of Nature-Like Branched-Chain Glycosides. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2011) Comment on Fukushima Tragedy, Special Interview by TV-AL-Hijrah on 16 March 2011. TV-AL-Hijrah.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2011) Effect of molecular geometry on the thermal stability of nematic liquid crystals A structure property analysis using the LiqCryst database. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2011) Keajaiban Air Zam-Zam. TV Astro-Oasis.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2010) Dynamic Studies of a Glycolipid Bilayer Using Tryptophan Probes. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2010) Dynamic Studies of a Glycolipid Bilayer Using Tryptophan Probes. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2004) Structure/Property Relationship of Calamitic Liquid Crystal Using Statistical Analysis Part I: Mesomorphic comparison with different mesogenic groups. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2004) Structure/Property Relationship of Calamitic Liquid Crystal Using Statistical Analysis Part II: Mesomorphic comparison with different wing groups. UNSPECIFIED.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2003) Kimia pusat segala sains. Utusan Malaysia.


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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2002) Sahsiah saintis lebih utama daripada prasarana. Utusan Malaysia.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2002) Salah faham disebalik kemajuan INTERNET. Utusan Malaysia .

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2002) Tugas sainstis mencari kebenaran. Utusan Malaysia.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (2000) Keasyikan INTERNET perlu berasaskan sains. UNSPECIFIED.

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HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (1999) Parallelization Strategies for Monte-Carlo Simulation with Application to Simple Liquid Crystal Model. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, RAUZAH BINTI (1998) Computer Simulation Studies of Anisotropic Systems XXVII: Phase Diagram for a Nematic Binary Mixture. UNSPECIFIED.

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