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HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Entanglement between exciton and mechanical modes via dissipation-induced coupling. Physical Review A.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Facile synthesis of vertically aligned cone- shaped ZnO/ZnS core/shell arrays using the two- step aqueous solution approach. Materials Letters.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Geometric phase and entanglement of Raman photon pairs in the presence of photonic band gap. J. Appl. Phys. .

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Global versus local quantum correlations in the Grover search algorithm. Quantum Information Processing.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) High-Performance Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Morphology-Controllable Synthesis of ZnO ZnS Heterostructure Nanocone Photoanodes.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Locality and Classicality: role of entropic inequalities. Quantum Information Processing .

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Nonlocality in pure and mixed n-qubit X states. Quantum Information Processing.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Quantum dynamics and spectra of vibrational Raman- resonance fluorescence in a two-mode cavity. Physical Review A.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Quantum spectra of Raman photons pairs from mesoscopic particle. Physical Review A.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Reexamination of the purity entanglement measure: Peculiarities of a truly thermodynamic quantum correlation measure,. Physical Review A.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Synthesis of Needle-Shape ZnO-ZnS Core-Shell Heterostructures and Their Optical and Field Emission Properties. Electronic Materials Letters.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) The conservative system of N atoms coupled with one photon. Ann. Phys..

HENG, OOI CHONG (2015) Well-aligned ZnO nanoneedle arrays grown on polycarbonate substrates via electric field-assisted chemical method. Materials Letters.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) A novel method for synthesis of well-aligned hexagonal cone-shaped ZnO nanostructures in field emission applications. Materials Letters, 125. p. 147.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Collapse and revivals in the Jaynes-Cummings model: An analysis based on the Mollow transformation.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Light-to-matter entanglement transfer in optomechanics. Journal of Optical Society of America B , 31. p. 2821.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Modeling temperature-dependent shift of photoluminescence peak of In(Ga)As quantum dots considering acoustic and optical phonons as two oscillators.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Optical properties of well-aligned ZnO nanostructure arrays synthesized by an electric field-assisted aqueous solution method.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Photoelectron angular distributions of excited atoms in intense laser fields. Physical Review A, 90. 013417.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Quantum Correlations of Quadratic Optomechanical Oscillator. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B , 31. p. 2390.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2014) Single mode and intermodal higher order nonclassicalities in two-mode Bose-Einstein condensates.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Controlling Double Quantum Coherence and Electromagnetic Induced Transparency with Plasmonic Metallic Nanoparticle.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Controlling laser spectra in a phaseonium photonic crystal using maser.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Geometric phase and entanglement for a single qubit interacting with deformed-states superposition. Quantum Information Process.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Gravitational Force of Bessel Light Beam.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Intermodal entanglement in Raman processes.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Nonclassical dynamics with time- and intensity- dependent coupling.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Nonlinear photonic crystal: effects of negative refractive indices and dispersion in the resonant region.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Physical properties of fish gelatin-based bio- nanocomposite films incorporated with ZnO nanorods. p. 364.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Quantum Entanglement Criteria.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Self-focusing Dynamics of Lorentz-Gaussian Beams in Kerr Media.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2013) Ultrashort pulse propagation and nonlinear frequency conversion in superconducting and magnetic photonic crystal. Appl. Phys. B.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Beam Splitter Entangler for Nonlinear Bosonic Fields.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Continuous-variable entanglement and two-mode squeezing in a single-atom Raman laser. Physical Review A 85, 063819 (2012)..

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Controlling the repulsive Casimir force with the optical Kerr effect.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Dynamics for two atoms interacting with intensity-dependent two-mode quantized cavity fields in the ladder configuration. Physical Review A 86, 023810 (2012)..

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Nonclassical photon correlations nanoparticle in microcavity. 023803 .

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Photoionization spectra by intense linear, circular and elliptic polarization laser pulses. Physical Review A 86, 023410 (2012)..

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Pulse propagation in a medium of 923;-type atoms , P. R. Berman and C. H. Raymond Ooi, Physical Review A 86, 053812 (2012).

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Quantum metrology with binomial coherent states of a single mode field.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Surface Polaritons with Arbitrary Magnetic and Dielectric Materials: New Regimes, Effects of Negative Index and Superconductors,. Journal of Optical Society of America B.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2011) Exact Transient Photon Correlation with Arbitrary Laser Pulses.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2011) Single-photon pulse propagation in and into a medium of two-level atoms:Microscopic Fresnel equations.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2011) Temperature dependent resonances in superconductor photonic crystal. 063513.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2010) Echo and Ringing of Optical Pulse in Finite Photonic Crystal with Superconductor and Dispersive Dielectric.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2010) Nonclassical Two-Photon Talbot Effect from Arrayed Double-Raman Emitters. Physical Review A, 81. 063832.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2010) Preservation of Bosonic commutation relation: Explicit evaluation of quantum Langevin operator products.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2010) Superintense Laser Fields from Multiple Laser Pulses Retro-reflected in Circular Geometry.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2009) Directional Property of Radiation Emitted from Entangled Atoms.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2009) Femtosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) As Next Generation Nonlinear LIDAR Spectroscopy and Microscopy.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2009) Nonclassicality generated by photon annihilation- then- creation and creation-then-annihilation operations.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2009) Theory of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) for mesoscopic particle with complex molecules: angular-dependent spectrum.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2008) Effects of Chirped Laser Pulses on Nonclassical Correlation and Entanglement of Photon Pairs from Single Atom.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2008) Extended Photon Correlation in Negative Temperature Medium.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Coherent Effects on Two-Photon Correlation and Directional Emission of Two Two-level Atoms.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Continuous source of phase-controlled entangled two- photon laser.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Correlation of Photon Pairs from Double Raman Amplifier: Generalized Analytical Quantum Langevin Theory.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Effects of Spontaneously Generated Coherence on Two- Photon Correlation in a Double-Cascade Scheme.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Quenching the Effects of Dipole-dipole Interaction on Two-Photon Correlation from Two Double-Raman Atoms.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Role of noise operators on two-photon correlations in an extended coherent Raman medium.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Two-Photon Correlation of Radiation Emitted by Two Excited Atoms: Detailed Analysis of a Dicke Problem.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2006) Directed Spontaneous Emission from an Extended Ensemble of N Atoms: Timing is Everything.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2006) Fluctuation statistics of Bose-Einstein condensation: reconciling the master equation with the partition function to revisit the Uhlenbeck-Einstein dilemma.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2006) Fluctuations in Ideal and Interacting Bose-Einstein Condensates: From the laser phase transition analogy to squeezed state mathematics applied to Bogoliubov quasiparticles.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2006) Time-Bandwidth Problem in Room Temperature Slow Light.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2005) Injection time effects on lasing without inversion with microwave driven non-degenerate ground states.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2005) Quantum correlations between a pair of Raman photons from single atom under arbitrary excitation condition.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2005) Theory of Femtosecond Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Backscattering Enhanced by Quantum Coherence for Standoff Detection of a Bacterial Spore.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2004) Improving quantum microscopy and lithography via Raman photon pairs: II. Analysis.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2003) Laser Cooling of Molecules via Single Spontaneous Emission.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2003) Rotational cooling of polar molecules by Stark-tuned cavity resonance.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2002) Momentum Spread of Spontaneously Decaying Cold Gas in Thermal Radiation.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2000) General electromagnetic density of modes for a one- dimensional photonic crystal.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2000) Photonic band gap in a superconductor-dielectric superlattice.

HENG, OOI CHONG (1999) Polariton gap in a superconductordielectric superlattice.


HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Generalized Momentum of Tunnelling Ionization of Hydrogenic Atom in Linearly Polarized Laser. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2012) Nonlinear Photonic Crystal with Negative Index Materials. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2011) Quantum Thermodynamics of Photo and Solar Cells. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2011) Superconducting Photonic Crystal with Nanostrips for Mid- Infrared Applications. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2011) Switching the negative refractive index and surface wavevector of superconducting metamaterials. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2010) Near-Field CARS with Micro- and Nano-Particle. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2009) Femtosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) As Next Generation Nonlinear LIDAR Spectroscopy and Microscopy. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2007) Directional property of radiation emitted from entangled atoms. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2006) Nonclassical Correlation of Macroscopic Raman Photon Pairs. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2005) Crosstalk noise suppression in slow light for time- bandwidth product. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (2005) Two-Photon Correlation of Photon Pairs: Near Field and Polarization Effects. UNSPECIFIED.

HENG, OOI CHONG (1999) Two-dimensional superconductor dielectric photonic crystal. UNSPECIFIED.

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