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JAMA, Tan (2012) Beta Thalassaemia Mutations in Malays: A Simplified Cost-effective Strategy o Identify the Mutations. MEDICAL JOURNAL OF MALAYSIA, 8 (1). pp. 1-8.

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JAMA, Tan (2014) Developmental eye model for oxidative stress relating to keratoconus. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2013) Attitudes towards prenatal diagnosis and termination of affected pregnancy in Malaysian mothers with beta- thalassaemia major children. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2013) Development of strip-based system for rapid detection of thalassaemia mutations using Taqman approach. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2013) Ethnic specificity of beta-globin gene molecular defects among beta-thalassaemia major patients in the indigenous populations of Sabah. UNSPECIFIED.

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JAMA, Tan (2012) Specific molecular characterisation of beta-globin gene mutations using quantitative real-time PCR: A rapid and effective molecular screening technique for thalassaemia in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2012) Thalassaemia in Malaysia: A need for molecular diagnosis. UNSPECIFIED.

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JAMA, Tan (2011) Thalassaemia in the indigenous populations in East Malaysia: Should thalassaemia screening and prenatal diagnosis be included in their health care? UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2011) The application of in-depth interviews for thalassaemia: An effective research methodology in healthcare research for genetic disorders. UNSPECIFIED.

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JAMA, Tan (2010) DNA genotyping and antioxidant status in beta- thalassaemia. UNSPECIFIED.

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JAMA, Tan (2010) Reverse Dot Blot for Thalassaemia in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2009) Innovative diagnostic tool to simultaneously identify common beta-mutations in Chinese Malaysians. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMA, Tan (2008) Rare beta-globin gene mutations in the different ethnic groups in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

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