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JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2015) Application of artificial neural networks in fixed offshore structures. Indian Journal of Geo- Marine Sciences, 44 (3).

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JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Arsenic Contamination of Aquifers: Detailed Investigation on Irrigation and Potability. Scientific Research and Essays, 6 (4). pp. 1089-1100.

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JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Effects of Different Irrigation Regimes and Nitrogenous Fertilizer on Yield and Growth Parameters of Maize. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES, 6 (4). pp. 677-683.

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Book Section

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2012) Experimental study on the strain contribution of horizontal and vertical web reinforced bar of HSSCC Deep Beams. In: Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN DOI: 10.1201/b11837-86


JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Boring, Sampling and Field Testing in Soil Investigation. VDM Publishing House . ISBN ISBN-13: 97836393369


JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2014) Wind Induced Nonlinear Response of Coupled Spar Platform. ASME.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2012) Effect of Material Degradation of Seismic Isolator (LRB) on the Performance of Multi-Story Buildings. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2012) Experimental Study on the Failure Modes of High Strength Concrete Beams With Particular References to Variation of Tensile Reinforcement Ratio. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2012) Nonlinear Response Prediction of Deep Water Floating Structures using Artificial Neural Network. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Experimental study on the strain contribution of horizontal and vertical web reinforced bar of HSSCC Deep Beams. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Fatigue reliability assessment of Coupled Spar- mooring system. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Nonlinear dynamic coupled behaviour of Integrated spar-mooring sytem in deep water region. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMEEL, MOHAMMED (2011) Shear strength of HSSCC deep beams reinforced with high strength steel (HSS) bars: An experimental investigation. UNSPECIFIED.

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