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JL, Lui (2008) 30-year life span of a spring cantilever bridge: case report. pp. 48-54.

JL, Lui (2007) Technique to repair iatrogenically-damaged roots during post canal preparation using resin composite and optic fibre posts. Annals of Dentistry UM, 14. pp. 14-18.

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JL, Lui (2004) Aesthetic restoration of a traumatized immature tooth using composite resin and a new fibreglass light- transmitting post. pp. 41-44.

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JL, Lui (1996) Refuerzo con composite de conductos acampanados empleando postes...(Reprint in Spanish). pp. 28-34.

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JL, Lui (1983) Coronal displacement of an apical gutt-percha point cemented with AH26. International Endodontic Journal, 16. pp. 182-184.

JL, Lui (1982) A tooth-coloured restorative material for class II cavities-a preliminary clinical and scanning electron microscope assessment. Dent J of Malaysia, 5. pp. 31-40.

JL, Lui (1981) An investigation into the marginal fit of full gold crowns. Sing Dent J, 6. pp. 67-70.

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JL, Lui (1979) Hypersensitivity to a temporary crown and bridge material. pp. 22-24.

JL, Lui (1977) The spring bridge. Dental Journal of Malaysia, 3. pp. 15-20.


JL, Lui (1998) Restoration of compromised nonvital teeth: a new aesthetic-rehabilitative technique, Fukuoka, Japan. UNSPECIFIED.

JL, Lui (1989) Dentine adhesive-core composite reinforcement of weakened non-vital roots. UNSPECIFIED.

JL, Lui (1989) Replacement of missing teeth by means of resin-bonded bridges. UNSPECIFIED.

JL, Lui (1979) The finish of the new microfill restorative materials: SEM study. UNSPECIFIED.

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