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Jan, Jariah Mohd (2014) Liminality Space In-Between: A Feminist Evaluation of Primordial and Modern Polarities of the Woman's Journey in the Nigerian Novel. 3L The Southeast Asian Journal of English Language Studies, 20 (1). pp. 129-142.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2013) Dwelling or Duelling in Possibilities: How (Ir)relevant are African Feminisms? GEMA Online: Journal of Language Studies, 13 (3). pp. 237-253.

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Jan, Jariah Mohd (2009) No Less A Malay: The Bilingual Singaporean. Essays on Malayness: Special Issue by Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English (CRNLE) Journal. Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English (CRNLE) Journal.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2009) Linguistic and Turn-Taking Strategies in Negotiation. Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities., 17 (2). pp. 93-106.

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Jan, Jariah Mohd (0016) Theories of Gender and Power Difference: A Discussion. Journal of Modern Languages.

Book Section

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2014) Kinship and Other Terms of Reference. In: The Mah Meri Language: An Introduction. University of Malaya Press: Kuala Lumpur,, pp. 129-138. ISBN 978-983-100-712

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2011) A Cross-Cultural Study of external Request Modifications in Persian. In: Bridging the Gap of Cross-Cultural Communication. University of Malaya Press, pp. 19-36.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2011) Malay Javanese Migrants in Malaysia: Contesting or Creating Identity? In: National Language Planning and Language Shifts in Malaysian Minority Communities: Speaking in Many Tongues. Amsterdam University Press, pp. 163-172.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2010) State, Islam and Malay Women in Contemporary Malaysia. In: New Horizons in Islamic Area Studies: Islamic Scholarship across Cultures and Continents. University of Malaya, pp. 149-154.


Jan, Jariah Mohd (1999) Gender and Genre Bibliography. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.


Zaid, Ainun Rozana Mohd and Yok, Choi Kim and Noor, Faridah Noor Mohd and Taib, Fauziah and Jan, Jariah Mohd and Ghazali, Kamila and Shamsuddin, Khatijah and David, Maya and Salleh, Noor Aishah and Tajuddin, Norafidah and Amin, Norliza and als., Roshidah Hassan et and Sahuri, Sakina Suffian and Yahaya, Samsur Rijal and Kanagasabai, Sathiadevi and Salle, Siti Ikbal Sheikh (2006) Kamus Mah Meri-Melayu-Inggeris. Fakulti Bahasa dan Linguistik, Universiti Malaya. ISBN 983-2085-81-0


Jan, Jariah Mohd (2011) Assessing and Giving Feedback to Students┬┐ Written Work: Closing the Gap Between Expert Raters and Novice Raters' Knowledge and Skills. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2011) Assessing and giving feedback to students┬┐ written work: A comparison between expert raters and novice raters using verbal protocol analysis. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2011) Learning from the Experts: A Comparative Study between Expert and Novice Teachers in Assessing ESL Writing. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2011) Social Networks and the Business Value of Social Media. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2007) Voyage Through Time: Walks of Life to the Nobel Prize. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2006) Nilam Programme: Assessment and Award, Live Telecast Talk Show: Panellist. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2005) Sabbatical Leave Report. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2004) Jariah Mohd Jan, UM and IPS Internal Audit Report for QAMU, 2002 2004. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2003) Jariah Mohd Jan, Report on Research Activities at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics for the Institute of Research Management and Consultancy Bulletin, 2003. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2002) E-mail Communication at Workplace: Implication for ESP Practitioners. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (2000) EXCEL in MUET. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (1993) Temubual Strategi Pembelajaran: Kemahiran Untuk Membaca Dengan Berkesan bagi Rancangan Majalah Famili. UNSPECIFIED.

Jan, Jariah Mohd (1992) Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) Newsletter. UNSPECIFIED.

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