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Johan, M R (2015) A novel bio-filler for intumescent flame-retardant coatings. Progress in Organic Coatings, 81. pp. 116-124.

Johan, M R (2015) Influences of flame-retardant fillers on fire protection and mechanical properties of intumescent coatings. Progress in Organic Coatings, 78. pp. 59-66.

Johan, M R (2014) Physico chemical studies of cuprous oxide(Cu2O) nanoparticles coated on amorphous carbon nanotubes (a- CNT). Applied Surface Science, 289. pp. 450-454.

Johan, M R (2014) Temperature-dependent properties of silver-poly (methylmethacrylate) nanocomposites synthesized by in- situ technique. Nanoscale Research Letters, 9. p. 42.

Johan, M R (2013) Electromagnetic and microwave absorbing properties of carbon nanotube-cadmium selenide quantum dot hybrids.

Johan, M R (2013) Growth and optical study of carbon nanotubes in a mechanothermal process. 1047 - 1056.

Johan, M R (2013) Influence of Ni nanoparticle on the morphology and growth of interfacial intermetallic compoundsbetween Sn-3.8Ag-0.7Cu lead free solder and copper substrate. Intermetallics, 33. pp. 8-15.

Johan, M R (2013) Influence of carbon nanotubes on the optical properties of plasticized solid polymer electrolytes. Applied Surface Scienc.

Johan, M R (2013) Mechanical characteristics of swollen elastomers under cyclic loading. MATERIALS & DESIGN, 44. 566 - 572.

Johan, M R (2013) Mullins effect in swollen rubber: Experimental investigation and constitutive modelling. Polymer Testing.

Johan, M R (2013) Synthesis and growth kinetics of spindly CuO nanocrystals via pulsed wire explosion in liquid medium. Journal of Nanoparticles Research, 15 (1410). 1 - 9.

Johan, M R (2013) Synthesis of Al2O3 nanoparticles highly distributed in YBa2Cu3O7 superconductor by citrate-nitrate auto combustion reaction. Physica C: Superconductivity.

Johan, M R (2013) The formulation an study on the thermal stability and mechanical properties of an acrylic coating using chicken eggshell as a novel biofiller.

Johan, M R (2012) Bayesian Neural Networks Model for ionic conductivity of nanocomposite solid polymer electrolyte system (PEO - LiCF3SO3 - DBP - ZrO2). International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 7. pp. 222-233.

Johan, M R (2012) Characterization and stability monitoring of maghemite nanoparticle suspensions. Advanced Material Research, 576. pp. 398-401.

Johan, M R (2012) Complex impedance spectroscopy study of silica nanoparticles via Sol-Gel method. pp. 5604-5615.

Johan, M R (2012) Conductivity and dielectric behaviour of PEO based solid nanocomposite polymer electrolytes. Solid State Communications.

Johan, M R (2012) Conductivity, thermal and infrared studies on plasticized polymer electrolytes with carbon nanotubes as filler. pp. 210-216.

Johan, M R (2012) Conductivity, thermal and morphology studies of PEO based salted polymer electrolytes. Solid State Sciences, 14. 1111 - 1116.

Johan, M R (2012) Effect of various EC plasticizer concentrations on salted PEO based solid polymer electrolytes. International Journal of Plastic Technology, 16 (2). 125 - 135.

Johan, M R (2012) Effect on Zn substitution on the mechanical, thermal and conductivity of AgI rich AgI-ZnI2 solid solutions. 2448 - 2454.

Johan, M R (2012) Enhanced ripening behaviour of Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots(CdSe QDs). p. 2012.

Johan, M R (2012) FTIR studies on Silver-Poly(Methylmethacrylate) nanocomposites via in-situ polymerization technique. pp. 5596-5603.

Johan, M R (2012) Interaction between diffusion of palm biodiesel and large strain in rubber: Effect on stress-softening during cyclic loading. Mechanics Research Communications, 43. 80 - 86.

Johan, M R (2012) Optical properties of CdSe quantum dots via non-Top base route. 8458 - 8467.

Johan, M R (2012) Physico-chemical studies of amorphous carbon nanotubes synthesized at low temperature, Materials Research Bulletin. Materials Research Bulletin, 47. p. 1849.

Johan, M R (2012) Preparation and low - temperature sintering of Cu nanoparticles for high power devices. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 2 (2). 587 - 592.

Johan, M R (2012) Preparation and stabilization of monodisperse colloidal gold by reduction with monosodium glutamate and poly(Methyl Metacrylate). 4567 - 4573.

Johan, M R (2012) Preparation of Nickel Zinc Ferrite by Electrophoretic Deposition. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 159 (1). E18-E22.

Johan, M R (2012) Stability of molybdenum in Sn-3.8Ag-0.7Cu solder during multiple reflow and their influence on interfacial intermetallic compounds. Materials Characterization, 64. pp. 27-35.

Johan, M R (2012) Synthesis and characterization of Copper (I)Iodide nanoparticles via chemical route. 4492 - 4950.

Johan, M R (2012) Synthesis and characterization of Gold-Titanium- Mesoporous Silica nanomaterials. 4716 - 4726.

Johan, M R (2012) Synthesis of Y3Ba5Cu8O18 superconductor powder by auto- combustion reaction: Effect of citrate-nitrate ratio. Physica C: Superconductivity, 480. 75 - 78.

Johan, M R (2012) Synthesis with different Se concentrations and optical studies of CdSe quantum dots via inverse michelle technique. 4727 - 4734.

Johan, M R (2012) Thermolysis and conductivity studies of Poly(Ethylene Oxide)PEO based polymer electrolytes doped with carbon nanotube. 2596 - 2615.

Johan, M R (2004) Analytical solution to the material balance equation by integral transform for different cathode geometries. Ionics, 10. pp. 405-414.

Johan, M R (2004) Dynamic aspect of solid solution cathodes by method of integral transform. Ionics, 10. pp. 343-352.

Johan, M R (1998) Enhancement of index of refraction with vanishing absorption by incorporating dipole-dipole interaction. Science International, 11. p. 1.

Book Section

Johan, M R (2012) Coupling between diffusion of biodiesel and large deformation in rubber: Effect on the mechanical response under cyclic loading conditions. In: Constitutive Models for Rubber VII. UNSPECIFIED.

Johan, M R (2012) Development of Experimental Device to investigate mechanical response of rubber under simultaneous diffusion and large starin compression. In: Constitutive Models for Rubber VII. UNSPECIFIED.

Johan, M R (2012) Structure, surface and hardness properties of YxAgyBa2Cu3O7 composites superconductor. In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

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