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KHALEDI, HAMID (2015) A new chromanone acid from the stem bark of Calophyllum teysmanni. 19701977.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2015) Computational Studies of a Paramagnetic Planar Dibenzotetraaza[14]annulene Ni(II) Complex. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 119. pp. 5189-5196.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2015) Dye sensitized solar cell applications of CdTiO3-TiO2 composite thin films deposited from single molecular complex. pp. 155-162.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2015) Model studies on construction of the oxabicyclic [3.3.1] core of the mulberry DielsAlder adducts morusalbanol A and 441772-64-1. 50825085.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2015) Nitrite ion sensing properties of ZnTiO3–TiO2 composite thin films deposited from a zinc–titanium molecular complex. pp. 7442-7452.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2015) Synthesis and characterization of a heterobimetallic Cu Zr complex for deposition of 1:1 CuZrO3 CuO composite thin films. pp. 190-195.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2014) A Tetradentate 946;-Diiminato Ligand Containing Phenolate Substituents: Flexivalent Coordination to MnIII, CoIII, NiII, and CuII. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. pp. 5752-5759.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2014) Heterometallic PdII8722;NiII Complexes with meso- Substituted Dibenzotetraaza[14]annulene: Double C8722;H Bond Activation and Formation of a Rectangular Tetradibenzotetraaza[14]annulene. Inorganic Chemistry, 53. 11348−11350.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2014) Indole-7-carbaldehyde thiosemicarbazone as a flexidentate ligand toward ZnII, CdII, PdII and PtII ions: cytotoxic and apoptosis-inducing properties of the PtII complex. Dalton Transactions, 43. pp. 3850-3860.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2014) Structural systematics of RSn(S2CNR'R")2Cl compounds. Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie, 229 (1). pp. 39-46.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2013) Regioselective synthesis of 3,5-diaryl-4- methylisoxazoles. MONATSHEFTE FUR CHEMIE.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2013) Surface morphological and photoelectrochemical studies of ZnS thin films developed from single source precursors by aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2013) Synthesis and characterization of silver diethyldithiocarbamate cluster for the deposition of acanthite (Ag2S) thin films for photoelectrochemical applications. Thin Solid Films, 536. pp. 124-129.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2012) Aromatization and halogenations of 3,3a,4,5- tetrahydro- 3-aryl-2-phenyl-2H-benzo[g]indazole by using I2/DMSO, CuCl2/DMSO and NBS.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2012) Coordination modes of two flexidentate salicylaldimine ligands derived from N-3- aminopropyl) morpholine towards zinc and copper divalent ions.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2012) Corrosion inhibition properties of pyrazolylindolenine compounds on copper surface in acidic media.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2011) Antioxidant, Cytotoxic Activities, and Structure-Activity Relationship of Gallic Acid-based Indole Derivatives. Archiv der Pharmazie.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2011) Coordination behavior of three geometric isomers of indole-based S- benzyldithiocarbazone ligands towards nickel, zinc and cadmium divalent ions.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2011) Reactions of 2-(diformylmethylidene)-3,3- dimethylindole with hydrazides: Synthesis of new pyrazolylindolenine derivatives the unprecedented one-pot pyrazole thiadiazole double annulations.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2011) Two new polymorphs of 2,6-diaminopyrimidin-4(3H)- one monohydrate. Acta Crystallographica C.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2011) Versatile Coordination Modes of 2- (Diformylmethylene)-3,3-dimethylindole towards Late- Transition-Metal Ions: C-H Bond Activation and Formation of Cyclic Acyl Palladium(II) Complexes. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2009) A second monoclinic polymorph of 2- (diformylmethylidene)-3,3-dimethyl-2,3-dihydro-1H- indole.

KHALEDI, HAMID (2007) Ethylenebis(N-methylimidazolium) Chlorochromate (EBMICC): An Efficient and Selective Reagent for the Oxidation of Thiols to Disulfides.

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