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KHAN, AFTAB ALAM (2012) Seismogenic sources in the Bay of Bengal vis-¿is potential for tsunami generation and its impact in the northern Bay of Bengal coast. Natural Hazards, 61 (3). pp. 1127-1141.

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KHAN, AFTAB ALAM (2009) Seismic microzonation for urban safety ¿ an integrated new initiative. UNSPECIFIED.

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KHAN, AFTAB ALAM (2007) Prediction and Forecast of Earthquake and Tsunamigenic Earthquake in Space and Time vis-¿is Myths and Reality. UNSPECIFIED.

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KHAN, AFTAB ALAM (2002) VES Signature in Soft Rock Groundwater Exploration vis-¿is Geoenvironmental Implications. UNSPECIFIED.

KHAN, AFTAB ALAM (2001) Etiology of arsenic in the groundwater of the Bengal Delta - constraints from geological evidences. UNSPECIFIED.

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KHAN, AFTAB ALAM (1974) Seismic zoning of Bangladesh. UNSPECIFIED.

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