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NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2013) Bijan Nikouravan,2013, Mass as the Fifth Dimension of the Universe,(SAO/NASA ADS Index) (ISI-Cited Publication). International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 3 (03). pp. 257-259.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2013) Friedmann equation with quantum potential. AIP Conf. Proc. 1571, 35 (2013), 1571 (35).

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2013) The effect of solar cycle's activities on earthquake: a conceptual idea for forecasting. Disaster Advances, 6 (4). pp. 14-21.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2013) Three-stage Runge-Kutta Method Directly Solving Special Third Order Differential Equation. Accepted (ISI-Cited Publication).

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2012) General Solution of Static Sphere of Perfect Fluid and Dust of Uniform Density Using Isotropic Line Element.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2011) Are there rings around Pluto? International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS), 1 (1). pp. 6-10.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2011) Behaviour of elliptical objects in general theory of relativity. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS), 1 (1). pp. 1-5.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2011) Investigations of Proton Beam Energy of the MC-50 Cyclotron at KIRAMS.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2011) Ricci Tensors for Elliptical Shaped Galaxies and Celestial Objects. IJPS, 6 (21). 4947- 4951.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2010) Disasters and Risk Reduction in Groundwater: Zagros Mountain Southwest Iran Using Geoinformatics Techniques. Disaster Advances, 2010 (3,(1)). pp. 51-57.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2009) Calculation of Ricci tensors by Mathematica V5.1. In International Journal of Physical Sciences, 4 (12). pp. 818-823.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2009) Probabilistic Methods and Study Earthquakes Aided by Geoinformatics. International Journal of Geoinformatics, 5 (4). pp. 1-8.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2008) Determination of Ricci Tensors for Ellipsoidal Coordinate Systems.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2007) Properties of Like-Planet 2003EL61, As Unknown Discovered object in Kuiper Belt of our Solar System.

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2006) Working with Geographical Information (GIS) System for planetary data using Arcview software. Map India (Conference proceeding).

NIKOURAVAN, BIJAN (2005) The Gravitational Field of an Elliptical Star and its Application. The International Conference of physics ( Conference Proceeding).

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