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O., Steinmayer, (2007) Letter from Lundu [5]. Borneo Research Bulletin, 38. pp. 207-209.

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Book Section

O., Steinmayer, (1995) Classic Problems, Classic Solutions. In: Challenges of Reading the Old and the New. Dept. of English, Universiti Malaya/MACLALS, p. 239. ISBN 983-9705-75-

O., Steinmayer, (1992) Classical Literary References to the Electric Ray. In: The Cholinergic Neuron and its Target: the Electromotor Innervation of the Electric Ray Torpedo as a Model. Birkhaeuser.

O., Steinmayer, (1989) Parnassus Set by the Ears. In: Perspectives. Dept. of English, Universiti Malaya, p. 143.

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