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Omar, Rahmat (2011) Bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of Staphyloccocus aureus isolates from patients undergoing tonsillectomy in Malaysian University Hospital. pp. 4748-4752.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Suction Elevator for Ear Surgery. Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery.


Rajan, Philip and Omar, Rahmat (2011) A Picture Book on Otology In Primary Care. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN ISBN 9789670356051

Omar, Rahmat (2006) Ear Nose Throat Colour Atlas and Synopsis. University Malaya Press. ISBN ISBN 983-100-240-7


Omar, Rahmat (2012) Tonsillar Hypertrophy. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2012) Uvulopalatal Retraction Device for Exposure of Nasopharynx. MEDTube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media: Active Stage. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Eardrum Perforation in Inactive Stage. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Epithelial Debris in Ear Canal From Desquamation. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Laser Cordectomy and Subtotal Arytenoidectomy. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Ligation of Internal Jugular Vein. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Ligation of Internal Jugular Vein. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Middle Ear Effusion with Air Bubbles. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Otomycosis Before & After Ear Toilet. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Retracted Eardrum. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) The Laryngeal Inlet. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) The Normal Eardrum. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Thickened Eardrum. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Tonsillectomy by Dissection Method. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Tracheal Bifurcation. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2011) Vocal Fold Cyst. MEDtube.

Omar, Rahmat (2007) Deltopectoral Flap Reconstruction Surgery. UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2007) Endoscopic Decompression of Subperiosteal Abscess (DVD). UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2007) Endoscopic Septoplasty. UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2007) Excision of Parapharyngeal Mass. UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2007) Grave's Disease: Endoscopic Orbital Decompression. UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2007) Microlaryngeal Excision of Vocal Fold Polyp. UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2006) Craniofacial Resection & Endoscopic Excision of SCC of Ethmoids. UNSPECIFIED.

Omar, Rahmat (2006) Nose and paranasal sinus diseases. UNSPECIFIED.

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