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Osman, Z (2013) Magnesium Ion-Based Gel Polymer Electrolytes: Ionic Conduction and Infrared Spectroscopy Studies. pp. 3602-3614.

Osman, Z (2011) Comparative Studies on Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Polymer Electrolytes Containing Lithium and Sodium Salts. pp. 695-700.

Osman, Z (2011) Comparison of Ionic Diffusion in Sol-Gel derived Micron and Nano LiTaO3. pp. 1222-1227.

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Osman, Z (2011) Diffusion of Charged Species in Metal Oxides and Polymeric Solids using AC Impedance Technique. pp. 1216-1221.

Osman, Z (2011) Studies of Ionic Conductivity and Dielectric Behaviour in Polyacrylonitrile Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes. Defect and Diffusion Forum. pp. 116-121.

Osman, Z (2010) Effect of Adding Plasticizer on Ionic Conductivity and Glass Transtion Temperature of PMMA+Lithium Iodide Complexes. pp. 205-208.

Osman, Z (2010) Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Ionic Conductivity of PAN-Based Polymer Electrolytes Containing Inorganics Salts. pp. 221-224.

Osman, Z (2010) Ionic Conductivity and Morphological Studies of Plasticized Poly(methylmethacrylate) Polymer Electrolyte Films. ASM SCIENCE JOURNAL, 4 (1). pp. 55-61.

Osman, Z (2010) Morphological and Thermal Studies of Plasticized Poly(methylmethacrylate) Polymer Electrolyte Systems. pp. 525-529.

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Osman, Z (2009) A Comparative Study of Lithium And Sodium Ions In PAN ¿ Based Conducting Polymer Electrolytes. pp. 67-74.

Osman, Z (2009) Preparation and Studies of Polyacrylonitrile Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolytes. Proceedings of National Workshop on Functional Materials 2009, ISBN 978-976-5148-43-9. pp. 1-6.

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