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PING, WONG LI (2015) Factors Affecting Dengue Prevention Practices: Nationwide Survey of the Malaysian Public. PLoS One, 10 (4).

PING, WONG LI (2015) Quality of Life in CAM and Non-CAM Users among Breast Cancer Patients during Chemotherapy in Malaysia.

PING, WONG LI (2015) Sedation scoring and managing abilities of intensive care nurses post educational intervention. Nursing in Critical Care Journal.

PING, WONG LI (2015) Seroprevalence report on tick-borne encephalitis virus and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus among Malaysian s farm workers.

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PING, WONG LI (2013) Prevalence and factors associated with HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discriminatory attitudes: a cross-sectional nationwide study.

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PING, WONG LI (2011) Knowledge and attitudes about HPV infection, HPV vaccination and cervical cancer among rural Southeast Asian women.

PING, WONG LI (2011) Knowledge and attitudes in regard to pandemic influenza A(H1N1) in a multiethnic community of Malaysia.

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PING, WONG LI (2010) Information needs, preferred educational messages and channel of delivery, and opinion on strategies to promote organ donation: a multi-cultural perspectives. pp. 790-795.

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PING, WONG LI (2007) Current Issues Facing the Introduction of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Malaysia. International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Comunities & Nation, Volume 7, number 4, 2007, hhtp://www., ISSN 1447-9532, 2 (2). pp. 2-8.

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PING, WONG LI (2003) Genetic Polymorphism of Cytochrome P450 2C19 in Healthy Malaysian Subjects.


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PING, WONG LI (2009) Survey on needs of youth and young adults wit HIV in Malaysia. United Nations Country Team on HIV/AIDS, Malaysia.. ISBN 978-967-5148-66-8


PING, WONG LI (2010) Exploring men\'s views on sex and sexual problems: a qualitative study. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2010) Women\'s view of male sexual problems: a qualitative inquiry. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2008) Are there any differences in quality of life between chronic hepatitis B patients with cirrhosis and those without? UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2008) Comparison of the socio-demographic profile of traditional and western medicine users: findings from MALES study. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2008) How much do people with hepatitis B know about their illness? A cross-sectional survey at a tertiary hospital hepatoloty clinic. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2008) Men\'s knowledge, attitudes and perceptions on cervical cancer screening: a qualitative study. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2008) Traditional Medicine in ED-Comparison between the attitudes towards TCM of Malaysian and Japanese men with ED: Findings of the Asian men\'s attitudes of life events and sexuality (Asian MALES) Study. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2007) Condom Programming for HIV/AIDS in Malaysia: Creating Demand and Fulfilling Needs: A rapid assessment. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2007) Knowledge, Attitude and Risk Behaviors in Malaysia: Baseline Survey 2006. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2007) Traditional Medicine in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - An elusive unmet need of ED Sufferers- Finding from ASIA MALES. UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2007) UNFPA Project MYSOR208: Protecting Young Malaysians from HIV and STIs, 2004-2007-Post Project Assessment (FGD). UNSPECIFIED.

PING, WONG LI (2006) Socio-cultural beliefs, knowledge and perceptions of cervical cancer among Malaysian women. UNSPECIFIED.

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PING, WONG LI (2005) Translating Pap Smear Screening Policy to Implementation in Peninsular Malaysia: Achievements & Challenges. UNSPECIFIED.

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