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R., Rasiah, (2012) Beyond the Multi-Fibre Agreement: How are Workers in East Asia Faring. Institutions and Economies, 4 (3). pp. 1-20.

R., Rasiah, (2012) Review of The Rise of Indian Multinationals: Perspectives on Review of Indian Outward Foreign Direct Investment, by Karl Sauvant and Jaya Prakash Pradhan (eds), with Ayesha Chatterjee and Brian Harley. pp. 185-188.

R., Rasiah, (2012) Review of The Strange Non-death of Neoliberalism. Economic and Political Weekly, 47 (28). pp. 32-33.

R., Rasiah, (2011) Implications for Industrializing East Asia s Innovation and Learning.

R., Rasiah, (2011) Review of The Politics of Uneven Development by Richard Doner, 2009.

R., Rasiah, (2010) Are Electronics Firms in Malaysia Catching Up in the Technology Ladder? pp. 301-319.

R., Rasiah, (2010) Home Government Policies and Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging Economies: Lessons from Asia.

R., Rasiah, (2010) Journal of Contemporary Asia.


R., Rasiah, (2009) Book review of Development Economics Through the decades: A Critical Look at 30 Years of the World Development Report by Shahid Yusof with commentaries from Angus Deaton, Kemal Dervis, William Easterly, Takatoshi Ito and Joseph Stiglitz. pp. 315-318.

Book Section

R., Rasiah, (2014) Malaysia s Route to Middle Income Status. In: Malaysia s Socio-Economic Transformation: Ideas for the Next Decade. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore. ISBN 978-981-4459-69-3

R., Rasiah, (2013) Is Malaysia's electronics industry moving up the value chain? In: Malaysia's Development Challenges: Gruadting from the middle. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-63193-8

R., Rasiah, (2013) Rajah Rasiah (2013) Macro, Meso and Micro Coordination and Technological Progress: Catch Up Experiences of Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, Dutrenit, G., Lee, K.,Nelson, R.R., Vera-Cruz and Soete, L. (eds), Learning, Capability Building and Innovation for Development, London: Pelgrave Macmillan. pp 202-221. In: Learning, Capability Building and Innovation for Development. Pelgrave Macmillan, 321 pages. ISBN DOI: 10.1057/9781137306937

R., Rasiah, (2012) "Malaysia: under country experiences". In: Innovative Firms in Emerging Market Countries. UNSPECIFIED.

R., Rasiah, (2012) R&D, Exports and Systemic Support: Does Ownership Matter in Automotive Parts Firms in East and Southeast Asia. In: Evidence-based Development Economics: Essays in Honor of Sanjaya Lall. University of Malaya Press.

R., Rasiah, (2011) Development of Agriculture. In: Malaysian Economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change. Oxford University Press, pp. 57-88. ISBN 978-983-47036-4-6

R., Rasiah, (2011) Financing Small and Medium Manufacturing Firms in Malaysia. In: Small and Medium Enterprises Access to Finance in Selected East Asian Economies. ERIA, p. 384. ISBN 9786028660440

R., Rasiah, (2011) Industrial Policy and Industrialization. In: Malaysian Economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change. Oxford University Press, pp. 89-122. ISBN 978-983-47036-4-6

R., Rasiah, (2011) Innovation and Technological Progress. In: Malaysian economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change. Oxford University Press, pp. 123-158. ISBN 978-983-47036-4-6

R., Rasiah, (2011) Is Malaysia¿s Electronics Industry Moving Up the Value Chain? In: Malaysia¿s Development Challenges: Graduating from the Middle. Routledge.


R., Rasiah, (2014) Framework to evaluate technological development and technology transfer. Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) .

R., Rasiah, (2014) Technology transfer and technological capabilities: Analytical framework. UNCTAD.

R., Rasiah, (2014) The Cases of Integrated Circuits in Taiwan Province of china and buttons in Qiaotoa, China. unctad.

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