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R.C.S., Wong, (1999) Tetranuclear complexes from the reaction of tetraphosphorus triselenide with cyclopentadienylchromium tricarbonyl dimer. Synthesis, thermal degradation, and X-ray crystal structures of Cp4Cr4(CO)9(P4Se3)¿1/2C6H6 and Cp4Cr4(CO)8(P2Se2). Organometallics, 18 (3). p. 306.

R.C.S., Wong, (1995) A tetrachromium complex from the cage-opening of P4S3 by cyclopentadienylchromium tricarbonyl. Synthesis, X- ray crystal structure, and thermal degradation of Cp4Cr4(CO)9(P4S3). CpCr(CO)3H as a byproduct. Organometallics, 14 (8). p. 3886.

R.C.S., Wong, (1993) Novel polycyclic phosphane-to metal coordination. Reaction of [CpCr(CO)3]2 with elemental phosphorus and structure and paramagnetism of the odd-electron complex [CpCr(CO)2]5P10. Organometallics, 12 (3). p. 888.

R.C.S., Wong, (1993) Tetracarbonyliron adducts of Cp2Cr2(CO)4(¿2-P2). Syntheses and crystal structures of Cp2Cr2(CO)4P2[Fe (CO)4]m (m=1 and 2). p. 159.

R.C.S., Wong, (1993) Unprecedented cage-opening of P4S3 initiated by an organometallic radical: Synthesis and structure of [Cp4Cr4(CO)9(P4S3)]. Angew.Chem.Int.Ed, 32 (12). p. 1728.

R.C.S., Wong, (1991) Synthesis and thermolysis of di- and triarsenic complexes of chromium. Crystal structure of [CpCr (CO)2]2As2. Organometallics, 10 (4). p. 875.

R.C.S., Wong, (1990) A new type of polycyclophosphidochromium cluster, [(Cp) Cr(CO) 2]5P10 (Cp = ¿C 5H5). First observation of polycylic P-to-M coordination. J. Chem. Soc, Chem. Commun., 21. p. 1484.

R.C.S., Wong, (1990) Reaction of [{Cr(cp)(CO)3}2] (cp = ¿C5H5) with elemental phosphorus. Isolation of [Cr2(cp)2(P5)] as a thermolysis product and its X-ray crystal structure. J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans., 3. p. 977.

R.C.S., Wong, (1989) Chemistry of [{Cr(Cp)(CO)3}2], (Cp = ¿C5H5). Reaction with elemental P4. A high yield synthesis and crystal structures of [{Cr(Cp)(CO)2}2(¿2-P2)] and [Cr (Cp)(CO)2(¿P3)]. p. 1951.

R.C.S., Wong, (1989) Coordination of Cp2Cr2(CO)4(¿2P 2) to metal carbonyl fragments and crystal structure of Cp2Cr2(CO)4- (¿2- P2)[Cr(CO)5]2. J Organomet Chem, 364 (3). p. 363.

R.C.S., Wong, (1989) Linkage of a pentacarbonylchromium fragment to a (¿2- P2)Cr2 core. Crystal structure of Cp2Cr2(CO)4)(¿2-P2) [Cr(CO5)]. J Organomet Chem, 373 (1). p. 71.

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