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RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2009) An Analysis of Influence Factors In Choosing High- Rise Residential in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Journal Of El Compendex. pp. 332-335.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2008) Assessing the Condition of Traditional Khmer Timber Houses In Cambodia: A Priority Ranking Approach. Journal of building Appraisal, United Kingdom.. pp. 87-102.

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RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2006) The effect of roof angles on indoor air temperature in the terrace houses in Malaysia. in the reffereed journal of design and built environment., 1. pp. 69-78.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (1998) Keperluan dan Kaedah-kaedah Kelulusan Pelan Bangunan Di Malaysia.

Book Section

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2010) Code of practice for Building Inspection. In: The Guideline Book of practice,Building Surveying Division,Institution of Surveyor. Institution of Surveyor. , 7-8,13-16.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2000) Keputusan Di Dalam Perancangan Perumahan Sektor Awam. In: Perancangan Alam Sekitar dan Bandaran. Utusan,Kuala Lumpur, pp. 79-95. ISBN 967-61-0988-6


RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2004) Panduan Kerja-Kerja Pemeriksaan Kecacatan Bangunan. Institut Pembangunan Bandar & Bangunan (BUDI),Kuala Lumpur.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2003) Kepentingan Dan Peranan Juruukur Bangunan Dalam Industri Bangunan dan pembinaan Di Malaysia. The Institution of Surveyors,Malaysia .

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2003) Manual Umtuk Praktis Penyengaraan Bangunan. The Institution of Surveyors,Malaysia .

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2002) Prinsip Dan Praktis Pengurusan Penyenggaraan Bangunan. Pustaka Ilmi.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (1998) Keperluan dan Kaedah-Kaedah Kelulusan Pelan Bangunan Di Malaysia (Edisi Awal). Pusat Sumber Alam Bina, Universiti Malaya..


RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2010) The Project Management Influences in Reducing Housing Defects (ReHDe Framework), Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2010) Theoretical Framework For Reducing Housing Dfects (ReHDe Framework) in Newly Built Terrace Housing Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2009) The Effective of cross Ventilation for Traditional Malay Houses in Malaysia: Case Study of 'Kutai' House in Perak. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2008) Evaluation of Timber Defects- The Quantitative Approach. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2008) Facilities Management in Stratified Housing- Identifying Management Gap in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2008) Managing Indebtedness Maintenance Charges in High Rise Residential By Lump-Sum Deposit Management Fund. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2007) Aplikasi Kualiti perkhidmatan dalam Pengurusan Fasiliti Perumahan Bertingkat Di malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2007) Pembentukan Sisitem Tabung Dana Perbadanan Pengurusan Dapat Mengatasi Keruncingan Masalah kewangan Perumahan Berstrata. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2007) correlation Matrix Of Effective Facility Management Variables For Non-Low Cost Stratified Housing in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2006) BS Practice- Can A Building Surveyor Carry Out His Task An Act. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2006) Corelational Study Between Facilities Management Components Of Multi-Ownership Housing in Malaysia- A Case Study Of Klang Valley,Malaysia. Proceeding: International Conference on Construction Industry(ICCI)- Towards Innovative Approaches in Construction & Property Development. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2006) Financial And Maintenance Factors in Facilities Management of Multi Ownership Housing In Malaysia- A Case Study of Klang Valley,Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2005) The Efficiency of Service Charges for Multi Storey Housing Management in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2005) pemgukuran Aspek Kewangan Dalam Pengurusan Fasiliti Perumahan Bertingkat. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2004) To Understand the importance and method of building maintenance. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2004) rocedure for checking and inspection of building. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2003) Housing Design and residential planning-The effect of Faulty Design and Maintenance Works on Sustainable Housing Environment. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2003) The Link Between Design and Maintenance. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (2002) safety in Malaysian Construction Industry: Overview of Government Initiative. UNSPECIFIED.

RAMLY, AHMAD BIN (1997) Pembuatan Keputusan Dalam Projek-Projek Perumahan Awam : isu-isu dan Masalah. UNSPECIFIED.

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