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REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2015) Application of a rotating packed bed contactor for removal of Direct Red 23 by adsorption. Desalination and Water Treatment, ONLINE (online). pp. 1-9.

REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2015) Optimisation of the process variables in production of activated carbon by microwave heating. Royal Society of Chemistry. 3589935908.

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REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2014) The Utilization of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) as Aquatic Macrophage Treatment System (AMATS) in Phytoremediation for Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCES: BASIC AND APPLIED RESEARCH , 13 (2). pp. 31-47.

REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2012) Fundamental Behaviour of Divalence Cations by Pleurotus Mushroom Spent-Substrate. pp. 40-44.

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REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (1995) Performance and Carcass Yield of NZW Rabbits Fed Cocoa Pod Husk Incorporated Diet. Journal of Applied Animal Research, 8. pp. 91-96.

REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (1994) The role of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in congenital diseases in Malaysia. Med Journal of Malaysia, 49 (2). pp. 113-116.


REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2003) Air Pollution. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN ISBN 983-2904-01-3.



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REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2009) Note from Editor 4. UNSPECIFIED.

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REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2008) Note from Editor 2. SWAN TALK 2.

REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2006) Management of Water Supply Services Using Performance Indicators. UNSPECIFIED.

REDZWAN, GHUFRAN BIN (2005) Healthy Workplace Concept and Implementations: Integration with Environmental Management System. Proceeding for The AEESEAP International Conference 2005.

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