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S., Malakolunthu, (2012) Culturally-inclusive behaviour of Filipino teachers in international schools in the Philippines: Perspectives of international education in a developing country.

S., Malakolunthu, (2012) Education policies and practices to address cultural diversity in Malaysia: Issues and challenges. Prospects by UNESCO.

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S., Malakolunthu, (2009) Implementation of curriculum policies: issues and challenges faced by principals.

Book Section

S., Malakolunthu, (2012) Multicultural Education in Primary Vernacular Schools: Predicament of the Vision School. Lessons from the Vision School Policy in Malaysia. In: Millennium development goals revisited: A commonwealth of learning. Abington, Oxon: Routledge. .

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S., Malakolunthu, (2010) Fulbright chronicles: American experience, Malaysian perspective. University Malaya Publications.


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