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Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2013) A Study on intermarriage among the Che Wong Tribal Community in Raub, Pahang, Malaysia. Interdisciplinary Studies Journal, 13 (1). pp. 291-323.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2011) Bangkok-Malays Medium of Instruction for Islamic Teaching - Arabic, Jawi and Thai. SSA&RR, 3.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2011) Relocation and Poverty of the Aboriginal Peoples along the Thailand-Malaysia Border. Kasem Bundit Journal (Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok) ISSN 1513-5667, 12.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2010) Folklore:Lullabies among Bangkok-Malays. Kasem Bundit Journal, 11 (1). pp. 124-141.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2010) Lexical Borrowing between Austronesian and Tai- Kadai Language families: Focus on Malay and Thai languages. Journal of Language and Culture (Mahidol University), 29 (1). pp. 5-34.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2008) Meanings of Malay Lexical Items in Dialects Spoken in Thailand and in Malaysia: Translating betwen Dialects. Suan Sunandha Academic & Research Review, 1 (2). pp. 12-32.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2007) An investigation into the Melayu dialect spoken in Bang Bua Thong, Bangkok and its origins. Kasem Bundit Journal (Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok) ISSN 1513-5667, 8 (2). 83 - 94.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2006) The influence of English in contemporary Thai slang. Sudhiparitas (Dhurakitbandit University, Thailand); ISSN 0857-2670, 20. 114 - 120.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2005) -Melayu - Makings of a Thai Muslim culture. Sudhiparitas (Dhurakitbandit University, Thailand, ISSN 0857-2670, 19 (59 ). 94 - 105.

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Umar, Umaiyah Haji (1996) Comparison of consonants and vowels in Thai and English. Sudhiparitas (Dhurakitbandit University, Thailand): ISSN 0857-2670, 10. pp. 108-119.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (1994) Thai-English Hybrid Lexical Formation - Idiomatic Expressions. Sudhiparitas (Dhurakitbandit University, Thailand) ISSN 0857-2670, 8. pp. 80-84.


Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2011) Challenges faced by Tien Ean speakers to retain their Language and Culture. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.


Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2003) A classification of Thai-Kedah dialects using phonological characteristics. Allwrite Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur: ISBN 983-2414-34-2.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2003) Speaking the Thai Language. Allwrite Sdn Bhd: ISBN 983-2414-35-0.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2003) Thai-English Hybrid Lexical Formation. Allwrite Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur: ISBN 983-2414-37-7.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2003) The assimilation of Bangkok-Melayu communities in Bangkok metropolis and surrounding areas. Allwrite Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur: ISBN 083-2414-36-9.


Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2008) Lexical Borrowings between Austronesian and Tai-Kadai Language Families: Focus on Malay and Thai languages. UNSPECIFIED.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2007) Meaning of Malay lexical items in dialects spoken in Thailand and in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

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Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2004) Malay in Thailand - Bangkok Malay communities. UNSPECIFIED.

Umar, Umaiyah Haji (2001) Introduction on features of Thai language facilitates the teaching process. UNSPECIFIED.

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