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WEE, LAI KHIN (2015) Motion corrected LV quantification based on 3D modelling for improved functional assessment in cardiac MRI. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 60 (2015). 27152733.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2015) Regional assessment of LV wall in infarcted heart using tagged MRI and cardiac modelling. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 60. 40154031.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2015) Thermal Distribution Analysis of Three- Dimensional Tumor Embedded Breast Models with Different Breast Density Compositions. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Contrast Enhancement of Ultrasound Knee Joint Cartilage for Early Detection of Knee Osteoarthritis. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Multiple Objectives Bi-histogram Equalization for Image Contrast Enhancement. Complexity, 20 (2). pp. 22-36.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Synthesis and characterization of silver nano particles and silver inks:Review on the Past and Recent Technology Roadmaps. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Synthesis of a Nano-Silver Metal Ink for Use in Thick Conductive Film Fabrication Applied on a Semiconductor Package. Plos One.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2012) International Journal of Biology and Biomedical Engineering.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) An object-oriented approach of generic diffusion computing for three dimensional ultrasound volumetric images.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Computerized anisotropic diffusion of two dimensional ultrasonic images using multi-direction spreading approaches. WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Computerized mechanical movement control system for two dimensional ultrasound breast scanning. Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Innovative waveform generator designs for ultrasound therapy machine using programmable FPGA approaches. International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 5 (7). p. 1291.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Prostate tumor segmentation for Gamma image using region growing approaches. WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine, 8 (2). p. 61.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Ultrasound images edge detection using anisotropic diffusion in canny edge detector framework.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2010) Automated trisomy 21 assessment based on maternal serum markers using trivariate lognormal distribution. WSEAS Transactions on Systems, 9 (8). p. 844.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2010) Computerized automatic nasal bone detection based on ultrasound fetal images using cross correlation techniques. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, 7 (8). p. 1068.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2010) Nuchal translucency marker detection based on artificial neural network and measurement via bidirectional iteration forward propagation. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, 7 (8). p. 1025.


WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Safety Monitoring Design of Low End Ultrasound Devices: and its application using MATLAB. VDM Verlag Dr. Mller Germany. ISBN ISBN-10: 3639378202

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Ultrasound Marker Assessment for Nuchal Translucency: Trisomy 21 Early Detection and its application in C++ Programming. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Germany. ISBN ISBN-10: 3845432217


WEE, LAI KHIN (2015) Agreement Between Eyes in Wide-Field Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Ophthalmoscopy Measurements at the Human Retina in Healthy Volunteers. IFMBE Proceedings.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2015) Contrast Enhancement of Ultrasound Knee Joint Cartilage Image by Using Multipurpose Beta Optimized Recursive Bi-Histogram Equalization Method. IEEE.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Color Morphology and Segmentation of the Breast Thermography Image. IEEE.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Multiple Active Contours Using Scalable Local Regional Information on Expandable Kernel. IEEE.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2014) Speckle Noise Reduction of Ultrasound Knee Biomarker with Edge and Detail Preservation Using Improved Diffusivity Function. IEEE.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) A novel programmable waveform generator for ultrasound therapy machine using FPGA. WSEAS.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) A novel radio propagation and radiation model of the wireless capsule endoscopy in human gastro-intestine (GI) tract. UNSPECIFIED.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Comparison studies of 2D and 3D ultrasound biparietal diameter for gestational age estimation. UNSPECIFIED.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Computational 3D Ultrasound Volumetric Rendering; an Object Oriented Open-Sources Approach. UNSPECIFIED.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Edge detection in ultrasound images using speckle reducing anisotropic diffusion in Canny edge detector framework. UNSPECIFIED.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Extended Robust Diffusion Algorithm for Two Dimensional Ultrasonic Images. UNSPECIFIED.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) GLCM based Adaptive Crossed Reconstructed (ACR) k-mean Clustering Hand Bone Segmentation. UNSPECIFIED.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Segmentation of prostate tumor for gamma image using region growing method. WSEAS.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2011) Two dimensional automated movement ultrasound breast scanning system. WSEAS.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2010) Automated risk calculation for trisomy 21 based on maternal serum markers using trivariate lognormal distribution. WSEAS.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2010) Automatic detection of fetal nasal bone in 2 dimensional ultrasound image using map matching. WSEAS.

WEE, LAI KHIN (2010) Ultrasonic marker pattern recognition and measurement using artificial neural network. WSEAS.

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