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WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2015) The Lead Coordination Polymers Containing Pyrazine-2,3-Dicarboxylic Acid: Rapid Structural Transformations and Cation Exchange. Crystal Growth Design.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2013) Crystal Growth of the Perovskite Semiconductor CsPbBr3: A New Material for High-Energy Radiation Detection. Cryst Growth Des, 13. p. 2722.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2013) Mercury Bismuth Chalcohalides, Hg3Q2Bi2Cl8 (Q = S, Se, Te): Syntheses, Crystal Structures, Band Structures, and Optical Properties. p. 2973.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2013) Photoconductivity in the Chalcohalide Semiconductor, SbSeI: a New Candidate for Hard Radiation Detection. p. 7045.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2012) Absorption of Hydrogen Bond Donors by Pyridyl Bis- Urea Crystals. Chemistry of Materials, 24. p. 4773.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2012) Novel 3D bismuth-based coordination polymers: Synthesis, structure, and second harmonic generation properties. Journal Of Solid State Chemistry.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) A new Kagome Lattice coordination polymer based on bismuth and pyridine-2,5-dicarboxylate: structure and photoluminescent properties. Chem. Commun., 47. p. 7371.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) Electrospinning fabrication, structural and mechanical characterization of rod-like virus-based composite nano64257;bers. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21. p. 8550.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) Guest induced transformations of assembled pyridyl bis- urea macrocycles. Chemical Communications, 42 (1). p. 277.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) New 3D bismuth-oxo coordination polymers containing terephthalate-based ligands: observation of Bi2O2-layer and Bi4O3-chain motifs. CrystEngComm, 13 (2). p. 426.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) Novel tin supramolecular compounds and coordination polymers: Influence of aromatic dicarboxylates on the crystal structures. Solid State Sciences, 13. p. 607.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) On the Magnetic Insulating States, Spin Frustration, and Dominant Spin Exchange of the Ordered Double- Perovskites Sr2CuOsO6 and Sr2NiOsO6: Density Functional Analysis. Inorganic Chemistry, 50 (9). p. 4142.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) Self-Assembled Phenylethynylene Bis-urea Macrocycles Facilitate the Selective Photodimerization of Coumarin. Journal of American Chemical Society, 133. p. 7025.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2011) Structural Diversity of MetalOrganic Materials Containing Bismuth(III) and Pyridine-2,5-Dicarboxylate. Cryst Growth Des, 11. p. 4449.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2010) Novel Bismuth and Lead Coordination Polymers Synthesized with Pyridine-2,5-Dicarboxylates: Two Single Component White Light Emitting Phosphors. p. 11001.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2010) Thermal Reaction of a Columnar Assembled Diacetylene Macrocycle. Journal of American Chemical Society, 132 (15). p. 5334.

WIBOWO, ARIEF CAHYO (2009) Polymer Composite and Nanocomposite Dielectric Materials for Pulse Power Energy Storage. Materials, 2. p. 1679.

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