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Wah, Fan Pik (2015) From The New Literature to Dongdi Yin: Campaign of Chinese Poetry Reading in Malaysia (1988-2014). Contemporary China Studies, 2(1). pp. 111-126.

Wah, Fan Pik (2015) The Constrution and Reflections on Novel Xiao Hei in Malaya Communist Writing. The South Seas Society, 69 (1). pp. 139-150.

Wah, Fan Pik (2014) Chinese Cemeteries and Enviromental Ethics: Some Insights from Malaysia. Universitas-Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture, 41 (7). pp. 85-105.

Yanpeng, Dr Song and Wah, Fan Pik (2014) Concerned to China affairs by Selangor Hokkein Association in 30th decade of the twentieth century. The Journal of South Seas Society, 68. 117-`134.

Wah, Fan Pik (2014) The Suffering of Times: Description of Nanyang Female in Yuan Shang Cao's Fiction. Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, 2 (1). pp. 109-124.

Wah, Fan Pik (2013) A Study of Yueren's Influence on the Evolution of Ci in the Tang Dynasty. Journal of Shanxi University, 36 (1 ). pp. 54-58.

Wah, Fan Pik (2013) Breaking Taboos: Malaysian History and Sensitive Topics in Xiao Hei's Fiction. UNIVERSITAS -Monthly Review of Philosophy and Culture, 40 (2). pp. 45-63.

Wah, Fan Pik (2013) Dissection and Assembly: Malayan Imagery in Tash Aws The Harmony Silk. Forum for World Literature Studies, 5 (2). pp. 354-366.

Wah, Fan Pik and Ling, Fan Pik Wah @ Chai Siaw (2013) Map of the Invisible World: Towards the Discussions of Historical Propasition from Love. pp. 152-155.

Wah, Fan Pik (2013) Spatial Structure and Identity Crisis: Post- Loyalist Writing in Luo Yijun s Fiction. pp. 49-54.

Wah, Fan Pik (2012) Confronting sensitivity:on taboo writing in Xiao Hei's novel. China-ASEAN Perspective Forum, 2 (1 & 2). pp. 149-160.

Wah, Fan Pik (2012) Four Discussion for Arts of Muzik in Tang Dynasty. Journal of Chinese Verse Studies, 126 (4). pp. 55-57.

Wah, Fan Pik (2005) Discussion on the Works 'Duanchang Ci' by Zhu Shuzhen From The Gender Perspective. Paper On Chinese Studies, 6 (2005). pp. 151-172.

Book Section

Wah, Fan Pik (2015) National Identity and Cultural Reflection In Mahua Literature. In: Collections on Fangxiu Literature Award 2008-2010. Bafang Wenhua. ISBN 978-981-4630-46-7

Wah, Fan Pik (2014) Cultural Dissemination And Acceptance In Wu Anfs Poetry. In: Essay Collection of The Internationa Symposium on The Dissemination and Reception of Chinese Literature 2014. UMRCC UM, pp. 478-487. ISBN 978-967-5733-05-5

Wah, Fan Pik (2010) Extension and Relocation: The Problem of Chinese Primary Schools in Malaysia. In: East Asian Regional Integration: Diaspora and Impact (Volume 2). ICS,UM. ISBN 9789675148644

Wah, Fan Pik (2008) Tinjiauan Perubahan Masyarakat Cina di Singapura dan Malaysia pada Tahun 70-an dan 80-an Melalui Karya Cerpen (In Malay). In: Papers On Chinese Studies. Department of Chinese Studies.


Wah, Fan Pik (2015) The Collection on Literary Critcism of Fang Xiu Literary Award(2008-2010). Global Publishing. ISBN 9789814630467

Wah, Fan Pik (2014) Essay Collection of The Internationa Symposium on The Dissemination and Reception of Chinese Literature 2014 (Volumn 1&2). Malaysian Chinese Reseach Centre, UM. ISBN 978-967-5733-04-8

Wah, Fan Pik (2009) Historical Memory in Mahua Literature. Department of Chinese Studies,UM. ISBN 978-983-42451-2-2


Wah, Fan Pik (2015) Life Always Regretful Like Water Flowing to The East:The Secret of Water. Sin Chew Daily.

Wah, Fan Pik (2015) Series of Decoding Poetry-Secret of Autumn & Winds and Direction & Blossom. Sin Chew Daily.

Wah, Fan Pik (2015) The Bicycle. Sin Chew Daily.

Wah, Fan Pik (2015) The Legend of Hand Making. Sin Chew Daily. Sin Chew Daily.

Wah, Fan Pik (2015) Who Send The Letter From Sky: The Secret of Yan. Sin Chew Daily.

Wah, Fan Pik (2011) Reread Yun Li Feng. Sin Chew Daily .

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