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YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2015) Ashwaq Ali Al Hashedi, Norsiah Yunus, Ola Maria, Tara Bai Taiyeb Ali. Outcomes of Placing Short Implants in Posterior Mandible: A Preliminary Randomised Controlled Trial. Australian Dental Journal 2015. DOI: 10.1111/adj.12337. Australian Dental Journal, XX (xx). xx.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2014) N Yunus, R Saub, TBT Taiyeb-Ali, MR Baig. Patient based and clinical outcomes of implant telescopic attachment-retained mandibular overdentures: A 1-year longitudinal prospective study. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2014;29:1149 1156. doi: 10.11607/jomi.3328. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants , 29. pp. 1149-56.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2013) M Buzayan,MR Baig, N Yunus. Evaluation of Accuracy of Complete-Arch Multiple-Unit Abutment- Level Dental Implant Impressions Using Different Impression and Splinting Materials. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2013;28(6):1512-1520.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2013) MM Buzayan, YT Ariffin & N Yunus. Closed hollow bulb obturator-One-step fabrication: A clinical report. J Prosthodontics 2013;22(7):591-595. doi:10.1111/jopr.12036. J of Prosthodontics.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2013) N Yunus, R Saub, NM Salleh, SF Ahmad, M Kiong, RSL Lynn. Two unsplinted mandibular implant overdentures: A 3 year longitudinal prospective study. 2013. Int Dent J 2013;63: Suppl 1, Pg 167.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2011) Baig MR, Ariff FT, Yunus N. The effect of bur preparation on the surface roughness and reline bond strength of urethane dimethacrylate denture base resin. Indian J Dent Res 2011;22:210-2. pp. 210-212.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2011) Clinical, radiological and photoelastic evaluation of conventional vs mini dental implants. Taiyeb-Ali T, Ali A, Yunus N, Mahmood WA. Journal Clinical Implant Research 2011. 22;9:924.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2011) PATIENT-BASED ASSESSMENT AND MASTICATORY PERFORMANCE IN MANDIBULAR IMPLANT OVERDENTURE PATIENTS Norsiah Yunus*, Roslan Saub, Nosizana Mohd Salleh, Tara Bai Taiyeb Ali. Journal Clinical Implant Research 2011.22;9:1011.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2010) Bayati OH, Ahmad SF, Yunus N. Bond strength of soft liners to two chemically different denture base polymers. Journal Dental Research, 2010, 88 (Spec Iss B); No 4465. Journal Dental Research.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2006) I Ali, N Yunus, M. I. Abu Hassan Flexural properties and hardness of a light-polymerized denture polymer Journal of Dent Research,2006; Spec Iss B,85: No 78731. Journal of Dent Research.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2006) IAA Rahman, N Yunus, MI Abu Hassan. Hardness and color changes of denture resins after disinfection and long-term water immersion. Journal of Dent Research, 2006;Spec Iss B:Vol 85: No 1680.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2006) SM Ismail, N Yunus, ZAA Rahman, S Kamin. The use of mini implants in the oral rehabilitation of oral cancer patients- a preliminary report of five cases. Malaysian J Oral and Maxillofac Surg 2004; 3 (1): 46. Malaysian J Oral and Maxillofac Surg.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2006) SS Elhadiry, N Yunus, MI Abu Hassan. The effect of glass-fiber reinforcement on the repair strength. Journal of Dent Research, 2006,Spec Iss B; Vol 85:No 2132.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2005) N Yunus, TB Taiyed_Ali. A one-year study of peri- implant tissue status of Branemark implants Malaysian Dental Journal 2005;26(2):121-129. pp. 121-129.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2005) N Yunus, TB Taiyed_Ali. An Investigation of Peri- implant Tissue Status of Dental Implants Journal of Dent Research, Special issue A, 2005; Vol 84, No 2591.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (1998) NH Abu Kassim , BJ Abdullah, N Yunus. The radioopacity of dental prostheses (Fixed and Removable) on plain radiographs- An experimental study. Annals of Dentistry 1998;5:35-39. Annals of Dentistry , University of Malaya, 5. pp. 35-39.


YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2011) AF Azizan, HM Kutty, N Yunus, R SAub. Oral Health Related Quality of Life and Denture Satisfaction in Mandibular Implant Overdenture. 2011. 3rd National Dental Students\' Scientific Conference, UKM, Selangor.P08, pg 14. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2008) Oral prosthesis in cancer patient Seminar on Rehabilitation in Head and Neck cancer. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2007) Bond strengths of reline materials to two different denture polymers. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2007) Effect of water on the flexural strengths in denture repair. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2007) Retrospective clinical study of peri-implant tissue status of mini dental implants. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2006) Mini implants for retention of surgical plates following maxillectomy. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2003) From traditional teaching to problem based learning: The Malaysian experience. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2003) The flexural properties of a nylon denture base polymers. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2002) Towards problem-based learning (PBL) teaching in Dentistry-University of Malaya experience. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2001) Surface roughness and water absorption of denture base polymers. UNSPECIFIED.

YUNUS, NORSIAH BINTI (2000) The impact and flexural strengths of denture base materials. UNSPECIFIED.

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