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Yahya, Rosiyah (2015) Electrospun Biopolyesters as Drug Screening Platforms for Corneal Keratocytes. Int. J. Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials , 64. pp. 785-791.

Yahya, Rosiyah (2015) Microencapsulation of a palm oil-based alkyd by amino resins. Macromolecular Symposia, 354. pp. 305-313.

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Sonsudin, Faridah and Yahya, Rosiyah and Al-Mehana, Wisam Naji Atiyah (2012) 2,20-Diethoxy-4,40-[(E,E)-hydrazinediylidenebis( methanylylidene)]diphenol.

Yahya, Rosiyah (2011) Effect of Acid Modification on Dyeing Properties of Rajshahi Silk Fabric with Different Dye Classes. pp. 642-647.

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Yahya, Rosiyah (1998) Kimia Tak Organik Asas Matrikulasi. Fajar Bakti.

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