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Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2012) Spatial assessment of air quality patterns in Malaysia using multivariate analysis. ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT, 60. pp. 172-181.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2011) Sensitivity Analysis for Water Quality Index (WQI) Prediction for Kinta River, Malaysia. pp. 60-65.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2011) Validation of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship(QSAR) Model for Photosensitizer Activity Prediction. pp. 8626-8644.

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Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2008) Mercury Exposure In Coastal Communities Of Kedah And Kelantan, Malaysia. The Icfai Journal of Environmental Sciences, 2 (2). pp. 30-44.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2004) 3-Methoxysalicylaldehyde 4-methoxybenzoylhydrazone monohydrate. p. 1538.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2004) Reductive alkylation of lipase: Experimental and molecular modeling approaches. p. 11.

Book Section

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2012) Using Principal Component Scores and Artificial Neural Networks in Predicting Water Quality Index, Chemometrics in Practical Applications. In: Chemometrics in Practical Applications. InTech Open Science. ISBN 978-953-51-0438-4


Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2009) QSAR Modeling for Predicting the Photodynamic Activity and Its Application in a Database Mining: Discovering New Active Photosensitizers. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2008) Laporan Awal Kajian Penentuan Had Pendedahan Yang Dibenarkan (PEL) Bagi Bahan Kimia Berbahaya Kepada Kesihatan Di Malaysia (Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerja Malaysia) (Preliminary Report - Determination of Permitted Exposure Levels (PEL) of chemicals for occupational safety and health). UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2008) Water Quality Assessment Based on Spatial Pollution Sources of Langat River Basin (Malaysia) Using Envirometric Techniques. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2007) Application of QSAR Studies for Searching Porphyrin Derivative Compounds As New Active Photosensitizer. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2007) Characterization of Commercial Chili Sauce Varieties According to Their Chemical and Physical Properties Using Chemometric Methods. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2007) Designing Simulation Engine for Reaction Mechanisms using Qualitative Reasoning Approach. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2007) Learning Reaction Mechanisms through Qualitative Simulation: Towards the Qualitative Reasoning Approach. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2007) QSAR Studies for Predicting Photodynamic Activity of Porphyrin Derivative Compounds. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2006) Determination of Mercury Levels in Hair : A Case Study on two Rural Coastal Communities. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2005) X-ray crystallography and biological properties of indole-aromatichydrazone and their Metal Complexes. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2004) X-Ray Crystallography And Antioxidant Activity Of [1-(5-Chloro-2-Oxidophenyl)Ethanone-5-Chloro-2-Nitrophenylimino]Bis(Pyridine)Nickel(II). UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2004) X-Ray Crystallography And Biological Properties Of Benzoylhydrazone And Their Zinc Complexes. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2004) X-Ray Crystallography And Biological Properties Of Nitrobenzoylhydrazone With Nickel And Cadmium Complexes. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2004) X-Ray Crystallography Of Tetraacetatobis(Pyridine) Copper(II). UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M. (2003) Land use temporal changes: application of GIS and statistical analysis on the impact of water quality at Langat River Basin, Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

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