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Zain, Sharifuddin M (2012) Supporting Model Reuse in Organic Reaction Simulation: Towards the Compositional Modeling Approach. pp. 302-309.


Zain, Sharifuddin M (2011) Spatial Water Quality Assessment of Langat River Basin (Malaysia) Using Environmetric Techniques. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 173. pp. 625-641.

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Zain, Sharifuddin M (2010) Organophosphate Exposure: A Preliminary Assessment on the use of Pesticide Intensity Score to Evaluate Exposure among Fruit Growers. EnvironmentAsia, 3. pp. 203-216.

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Zain, Sharifuddin M (2008) Pheophorbide b ethyl ester from a chlorella vulgaris dietary supplement. Acta Cryst (E), E64. 01986.

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Zain, Sharifuddin M (2004) Rerefinement of the co-crystal of 4-hydroxypyridine with 4-hydroxypyridinium nitrate. p. 195.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2004) S-[4-(Trimethylammonio)phenyl] thiosulfate, an aromatic organic thiosulfate. Acta Crystallography C, C60. p. 572.

Book Section

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2008) Risk Perception in Public Decision Making. In: Glimpses of Environmental Risk Management in Malaysia-Saluting the eminent researchers and informing the public. Lestari Occasional Publication (Feb 2008), p. 38.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2006) Water Quality Modeling and Its Application in Integrated Water Resources Management. In: Selected Essays in Environmental Sciences and Management : Towards a Sustainable Tropical Environment. Universiti Putra Malaysia Press..

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2001) Chemical Modification of Candida Rugosa isolipase: A Structural Approach. In: Biotechnology for Sustainable Utilization of Biological Resources in The Tropics, Vol. 15. International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan , p. 392.


Zain, Sharifuddin M (2008) Tapak Pelupusan Sampah dan Kesan ke atas Manusia. Majalah Era Hijau.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2007) Generation of QSAR Model for Cancer Treatment Drugs and Its Application in Grouping these Photosensitizer Agents. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2007) Monte Carlo Simulation for Detecting the Influence of Temperature on Vinblastine. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2005) Chili Sauces Classification by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Pattern Recognition. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2005) X-ray crystallography and biological properties of Zinc, copper, Nickel and Cadmium complexes of benzoyllhydrazones. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2004) Application of Neural Networks in River Water Quality Classification. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2004) Structure Activity Relationship of Thiourea and Their Tin Complexes. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2004) X-Ray Crystallography and Biological Properties of benzoylhydrazone and Their Zinc Complexes. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2003) Environmental Risk Management (Group 4) Progress Report on Research Initiatives in Malaysia Under the JSPS-VCC Core University Programme 2000-2009 in Environmental Science, Engineering and Ethics. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2003) Evaluation of Landsat TM Data For Urban Imperviousness Mapping Using Erdas Imagine 8.5 : Case of Merseyside, UK. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2003) GIS application in evaluating land use-land cover change and its impact on hydrological regime in Langat River Basin, Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

Zain, Sharifuddin M (2002) An Application of Second Order Back Propagation Method in Modeling River Discharge of Sungai Langat, Selangor. UNSPECIFIED.

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