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A.Hadi, A.Hamid (1979) A Reinvestigation of Pictet-Gams Isoquinoline Synthesis , Part 1. The Consequences of oxazoline rather than isoquinoline formation,. pp. 539-543.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1979) Acquired Carbohydrate intolerance and cow¿s milk protein-sensitive enteropathy in young infants. J Paediatr.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1979) Cow¿s milk protein-sensitive enteropathy. An important contributing cause of secondary sugar intolerance in young infants with acute infective enteritis. Arch Dis Child.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1979) Group B Streptococcal infection in the newborn.

A., Sasekumar, (1979) A preliminary study on the feeding biology of mangrove forest primates, Kuala Selangor. Malayan Nature Journal, 83 (2). pp. 105-112.

A., Sasekumar, (1979) The value of mangrove ecosystem and its pollution problems. FAO/SIDA.


Boyce., Fido R. J., E. J. Hewitt, B. A. Notton, O. T. G. Jones and A (1979) Haem of spinach nitrate reductase : Low temperature spectrum and mid point potential. FEBS Letters, 99. p. 180.

BARI, M. ERSHADUL (1979) The Rule of Law and Its Functional Requirements. UNSPECIFIED.


Cheah, S.H. (1979) Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol 143:. UNSPECIFIED.


GAUDART, HYACINTH MARIE (1979) A Lively Look at Language. UNSPECIFIED.


JASMON, GHAUTH BIN (1979) Analysis of an electromagnetic levitation device. UNSPECIFIED.

JL, Lui (1979) Hypersensitivity to a temporary crown and bridge material. pp. 22-24.

JL, Lui (1979) The finish of the new microfill restorative materials: SEM study. UNSPECIFIED.


KIT, LAM SAI (1979) Cow\'s milk protein sensitivity enteropathy (CMPSE): an important cause of protracted diarrhoea in infancy.

KIT, LAM SAI (1979) Cow\'s milk protein-sensitive enteropathy : an important contributing cause of secondary sugar intolerance in young infants with acute infective enteritis.

KIT, LAM SAI (1979) Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of HBsAg.

KRISHNAN, SUBRAMANIAM A/L M S A (1979) Alveolar bone loss around maxillary central incisors in patients with leprosy. UNSPECIFIED.


LING, CHIA GEK (1979) A class of strongly vertex transitive digraphs. BULLETIN of the MALAYSIAN MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES SOCIETY, 2 (2). pp. 119-120.

Liang, Yap Beng (1979) Kaum-kaum Penduduk Sabah (Bahagian 2). Widya.

Liang, Yap Beng (1979) Perkahwinan di kalangan orang Bajau Omadal. Dewan Budaya (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka).


MENG, LOOI LAI (1979) Amyloidosis in Malaysian Aborigines (Orang Asli). Pathology, 11. pp. 575-582.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1979) Malignant melanoma metastases in chorionic villi. A case report. MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 2. pp. 73-75.


NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1979) Labour Utilisation Of Rubber Smallholders In Peninsular Malaysia A Case Study Of Rubber Smallholdings In Kajang , Ulu Langat, Selangor. UNSPECIFIED.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1979) Labour Utilisation and Income Distribution Patterns of Rubber Smallholders A Case Study of Rubber Smallholdings in the Mukim of Kajang ,Ulu Langat, Selangor. UNSPECIFIED.


PARIATAMBY, AGAMUTU A/L (1979) Establishment of legume covers using the diphenylether pre-emergence herbicides:Oxyflourfen and Nitrofluorfen. UNSPECIFIED.


RAHIM, ZUBAIDAH @ JUBAIDAH BINTI HAJI ABD. (1979) C Lush, ZHA Rahim, D Perrett and JR Griffiths (1979). A Microprocedure for Extracting Tissue Nucleotides for Analysis by HPLC. Anal Biochem; 93: 227-232.

RAHIM, ZUBAIDAH @ JUBAIDAH BINTI HAJI ABD. (1979) ZHA Rahim, G Lutaya and JR Griffiths (1979). Activation of AMP Aminohydrolase During Skeletal Muscle Contraction. Biochem J; 184: 173-176.


Saifullah, A. Z. A. (1979) Heat Transfer Problem of Latent Heat Thermal Storage. UNSPECIFIED.

S.K., Jamuar, S.S. and Mullick, (1979) Noise Free Analysis of Tracking Filter FM Demodulator,. IEEE trans, on Aerospace & Elect Syst..

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) A soft mode in the Jahn-Teller effect.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Contact charge density of 107Ag+ in AgCl and AgF lattices.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Energy minimum excitation in a ferromagnet.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Magnon-photon interaction in antiferromagnets.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Moessbauer charge density in 129I.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Null points in the zero-field splitting of magnetic impurity levels.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Numerical solution of the summation process in spin-lattice relaxation.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Optical-acoustic two-phonon relaxation in spin system.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Overlap contribution to 57Fe3+ isomer shifts in fluorides and oxides.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Photon-photon bound state in a magnetic medium.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Radiation in parallel pumping in ferromagnets.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Radiation problem of parallel pumping in antiferromagnets.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Theory of the ¿¿lectron spin density due to the Cr3+ ion and Cr3+ ion pair in a fluoride lattice.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1979) Theory of transferred hyperfine interaction.

S.H., Ong, (1979) The non-central negative binomial distribution. Biometrical Journal, 21. pp. 611-628.


Thillainathan, Cheong, Kee Cheok, Khoo Siew Mun & R. (1979) Malaysia: Some Contemporary Issues in Socioeconomic Development. Malaysian Economics Association. ISBN none

TM, Ramanujam (1979) RECTAL ATRESIA - Experience with 147 cases. Australian Journal of Paediatrics (Journal of Paediatrics & Child Health), 15 (3). p. 197.


V.C., Chong (1979) Mangroves and prawns, with special reference to the Malaysian environment. UNSPECIFIED.


W.J., Jesinger, R., Agamuthu, P. and Broughton, (1979) Establishment of legume covers using the diphenylether pre emergence herbicides: Oxyflourfen and Nitrofluorfen. UNSPECIFIED.

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