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AZAHARI, RAIHANAH BINTI HJ (1980) Concept and Implementation in Malaysia. Karya Abazie, Kuala Lumpur.

AZAHARI, RAIHANAH BINTI HJ (1980) Undang-undang Keluarga Islam: Konsep dan Pelaksanaannya di Malaysia. Karya Abazie.

AL-JASABI, SAAD ABD MOHAMMED (1980) The interpretation of protein separation on polyacrylamide gels. Laboratory practice, 29 (10). pp. 8-10.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1980) A curriculum in medical ethics and medical humanities. Med Journal of Malaysia.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1980) Acute gastro-enteritis in Malaysian children ¿ aetiological and therapeutic considerations. Med J Malaysia.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1980) Acute septicaemic melioidosis occuring in a child with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Clin Paediatr.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1980) Infective endocarditis 1968-1977: an Asian experience. Ann Acad Med.

A., Sasekumar, (1980) Present status of mangrove ecosystems in Southeast Asia and the impact of pollution-Malaysia. SEAFDEC/FAO.



BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1980) Dakwah dan Pengislaman Masyarakat Melayu Masa Kini [Dakwah and the Islamization of the Malays]. In: Tamadun Islam di Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 158-189.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1980) Kebangkitan Islam dan Proses di Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1980) \"Communal Parties and teh Urban Malay Vote\". In: Malaysian Politics and the 1978 Elections. UNSPECIFIED.


Cheah, S.H. (1980) Endocrinolgy.

CHONG, V.C. (1980) Maturation and breedinng ecology of the white prawn Penaeus merguiensis de Man. International Soc Tropical Ecology.


Gildersleeve, Satterlee, D.G., R.B. Abdullah and R.P. (1980) Plasma corticosterone radioimmunoassay and levels in the neonate chick. Poultry Science, 59. pp. 900-905.


HIANG, KWEK KUAN (1980) Optimization of neutron production from magnetically confined dense plasma. UNSPECIFIED.

HASSAN, MOHAMAD MOKHTAR BIN ABU (1980) \"Adat Lari Anak di Rembau Warisi Budaya Hindu\". Mastika.

Hassan, Young, K., W.C.F. Bussink & P. (1980) Young, K., W.C.F. Bussink & P. Hassan, Malaysia: Pertumbuhan dan Kesaksamaan Dalam Masyarakat Berbilang Bangsa, Kuala Lumpur: Penerbit Universiti Malaya, 1980-Co-translator (Translated from Malaysia: Growth and Equity in a Multiracial Society). Penerbit Universiti Malaya.


JASMON, GHAUTH BIN (1980) Applications of APL in reliability analysis. UNSPECIFIED.

JAJRI, IDRIS BIN (1980) Malaysia : Growth and Equity in a Multiracial Society. UNSPECIFIED.

JL, Lui (1980) Bilateral 180 degree rotation of maxillary second premolars. pp. 257-259.

JL, Lui (1980) The effect of firing shrinkage on the marginal fit of porcelain jacket crowns. British Dental Journal, 149. pp. 43-45.


KIT, LAM SAI (1980) A revision of the system of nomenclature for influenza viruses: a W.H.O. memorandum.

KIT, LAM SAI (1980) Acute Gastroenteritis in Malaysian Children : aetiological & therapeutic considerations.

KIT, LAM SAI (1980) Rotavirus and other viral diarrhoeas: WHO Scientific Working Group.

Kon, S.H. (1980) Interior functions on the polydisc. 197 - 198.

Kon, S.H. (1980) Iversen property and the Shilov boundary of H~ (U^n). Nanta Math., 13. 91 - 95.


LALWANI, RAMESH KUMAR (1980) ¿Effect of Lubricants on Ball Bearing Noise¿, 67(1) 986, 1980, also in Pollution Abstract, Vol. 11, No. 4, 1980, P-828. Acoustical Society of America Journal (Supplement), 67 (1). p. 986.

Liang, Yap Beng (1980) Sistem Kekerabatan Orang Bajau. Federation Museums Journal. pp. 173-190.


PARIATAMBY, AGAMUTU A/L (1980) Establishment and subsequent effect of legume cover crops on the development of young oil palm (E. guineensis Jacq.). UNSPECIFIED.

Peng, Tey Nai (1980) Culture and Fertility: The Case of Malaysia. Institute of Southeast Studies..


RAHIM, ZUBAIDAH @ JUBAIDAH BINTI HAJI ABD. (1980) ZHA Rahim, D Perrett, G Lutaya and J R Griffiths (1980). Metabolic Adaptation in Phosphorylase kinase Deficiency. Biochem J; 186:331- 341.


S.P.Moo, C.S.Wong, S.Lee & (1980) Neutron measurements of a 12 kJ plasma focus. Malaysian Journal of Science, 6(B). pp. 167-174.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Correction to the breakdown of the long-wavelength approximation and characteristic temperatures in impurity ion paramagnetic resonance.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Critical behaviour of spin-one three-dimensional Ising model with single-ion anisotropy.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Dispersion in ferromagnets interacting with phonons.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Magnon-photon interaction in ferromagnets.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Origin of 19F hyperfine interaction in Mn2+ ion and ion pair.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Phonon life time and acoustic attenuation due to phonon-assisted Auger recombination in electron-hole drops in Ge.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Theory of electron-hole droplet phonon wind.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Theory of recombination time in electron-hole drops in indirect band gap semiconductors.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1980) Theory of transferred hyperfine interaction in -bonding systems: Cu2+ F- Cu2+pair.

S.S., Pyara, V.P. and Jamuar, (1980) Single Resistance Controlled Oscillator without External Capacitors.


Tey, NP (1980) Malaysia. Studies in Family Planning, 11 (11). pp. 330-334.


V.C., Chong, (1980) A study of relative growth patterns and sexual development in the white prawn Penaeus merguiensis de Man. UNSPECIFIED.

V.C., Chong, (1980) Prawn resource management in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

VYTHILINGAM, INDRA A/P (1980) A preliminary survey of Aedes aegypti in Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia.


W.J., Agamuthu, P., Chan, Y.K., Jesinger, R., Khoo, K.M. and Broug (1980) Effect of Diphenylether Preemergence Herbicides on Legume Cover Establishment under Oil Palm. Agro Ecosystems, 6. 193 - 208.

W.J., Agamuthu, P., Furtado, J.I., and Broughton (1980) Establishment and subsequent effect of legume cover crops on the development of young oil palm (E. guineensis Jacq.). UNSPECIFIED.

Wong, B R (1980) CRC-Methods for heavy ion induced reactions. Bull.Phys. Mal., 1 (4). p. 197.

Wong, P. C. (1980) Cyclic extensions of parafree groups. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 258. pp. 441-456.

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