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ARIFF, MOHAMMAD RADUAN BIN MOHD (1981) Perusahaan Pukat Tunda Dalam Perusahaan Perikanan Semenanjung Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

Arshat, Rajikin, M.H., R.B. Abdullah and Hamid (1981) Serum prolactin levels at different stages of menstrual cycle and during 24-hour period in Malay women. pp. 155-158.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1981) Acute septicaemic melioidosis. A report of seven cases. Trop Geogr Med.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1981) Evaluation of some hand washing and disinfection methods in the removal of transient bacterial flora. MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1981) Flavobacterium meningosepticum : an epidemiological study in a newborn nursery. J Clin Pathol.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1981) Serratia marcescens:Biochemical characteristics, antimicrobial sensitivity and clinical significance. MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY.

A., Sasekumar, (1981) Food and Feeding habits of the white prawn Penaeus merguiensis. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 5 (2). pp. 185-191.

A., Sasekumar, (1981) The community structure of the fringing coral reef, Cap Rachado. Atoll Research Bulletin, 244. pp. 1-11.

Alhabshi, Sharifah Mariam Mohammed (1981) Manual Penyediaan Rancangan Tempatan. Jabtatan perancang Bandar & Desa (IP).

ABDULLAH, WAN ARIFFIN BIN (1981) Singapore Medical Journal.

Arifin, Z. (1981) Moessbauer Studies on Tin(II) Carboxylates. Royal Chemical Society Moessbauer Discuusion Group Abstract.. p. 4.

Arifin, Z. (1981) Moessbauer Studies on Tin(II) Carboxylates. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.

Arifin, Z. (1981) The Fate of Metal Species in Chemical Reactions. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.


BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1981) Islam dan Hubungan Antarabangsa [Islam and International Relations]. In: Islamika. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 121-145.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1981) Islamic Revivalism and the Political Process in Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1981) Politik Brunei Menjelang Penubuhan Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.


HIANG, KWEK KUAN (1981) Double exposure holographic interferometric technique for refractive index measurement. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, MOHD ALI BIN (1981) Wastewater treatment through surface soil. UNSPECIFIED.



JL, Lui (1981) An investigation into the marginal fit of full gold crowns. Sing Dent J, 6. pp. 67-70.

JL, Lui (1981) Faults in porcelain jacket crowns: a scanning electron microscope study. Dental Journal of Malaysia, 4. pp. 55-59.

JL, Lui (1981) Marginal fit of porcelain jacket crowns. Dental Abstracts, 26. pp. 6-7.

JL, Lui (1981) The endodontic endosseous implant. Dental Journal of Malaysia, 4. pp. 35-40.

JL, Lui (1981) The role of antiseptics and disinfectants in dentistry. pp. 19-21.

JL, Lui (1981) The use of silver amalgam in conventional root canal filling. pp. 8-13.

Jones, Nasrulhaq-Boyce, A and O.T.G. (1981) Tetrapyrrole biosynthesis in greening etiolated barley seedlings. p. 1005.

Jones., Nasrulhaq-Boyce, A. and O.T.G. (1981) Cytochrome of developing plastids of greening barley: Effects of inhibitors of haem synthesis. Phytochemistry, 20. p. 1199.

JAMUAR, SUDHANSHU SHEKHAR (1981) Distortion Equaliser for FM Demodulation. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMUAR, SUDHANSHU SHEKHAR (1981) Identification and Design of Single Amplifier, Single Resistance Controlled Oscillator a General Approach. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMUAR, SUDHANSHU SHEKHAR (1981) Microprocessor Based Industrial Alarm System. UNSPECIFIED.

JAMUAR, SUDHANSHU SHEKHAR (1981) Study of a Tracking Filter FM Demodulator. UNSPECIFIED.


K.Mohd.Yusoff, K.Mohd.Yusoff (1981) The Existance of a Trypsin Inhibitor-Prekallikrein Complex in Rat Pancreas. Biochemical International, 2. pp. 211-217.

KRISHNAN, SUBRAMANIAM A/L M S A (1981) Changes in motoneurones following nerve injury and partial removal of target muscles during early post-natal development. UNSPECIFIED.

KRISHNAN, SUBRAMANIAM A/L M S A (1981) Denuded tooth with exposed apical foramen in patient with tuberculoid leprosy. pp. 17-18.

KRISHNAN, SUBRAMANIAM A/L M S A (1981) The mental foramen and canal: An analysis of its variations and its significance in dental surgery. pp. 45-47.

Kam, Toh-Seok (1981) Comparative reactivity of substituted 4-nitrobenzylidene dichlorides with alkali. pp. 423-426.


Lan., Lim Ah (1981) Arthrophyllum stonei, a new species from Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. The Malaysian Forester, 43. 263¿265.


MING, CHENG HWEE (1981) Human trophoblast-specific surface antigens identified using monoclonal antibodies. Am. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, 1. pp. 246-251.

Moulds, J.S.L. Mok and R.F.W. (1981) A comparison of the effects of diazoxide, chlorothiazide, ethacrynic-acid and frusemide on human vascular smooth-muscle. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, 8 (6). p. 621.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1981) Difference in potassium permanganate sensitivity between primary and secondary amyloidosis. MALAYSIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY, 4. pp. 65-68.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1981) Lupus nephritis and lupus band test. Postgraduate Medical Journal, 57. pp. 499-501.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1981) Malignant evolution with fatal outcome in a patient with partial hydatidiform mole. Australian New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 21. pp. 51-52.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1981) Microscopical atrial amyloidosis in chronic heart disease. Histopathology, 5. pp. 615-622.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1981) Rhabdomyosarcoma in childhood. A 13 year review from the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur 1967- 1980. Singapore Medical Journal, 22. pp. 158-165.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1981) Unusual CT - dense posterior fossa epidermoid cyst. pp. 654-656.

Moulds, Mok J.S.L. & R.F.W. (1981) A comparison of the effects of diazoxide, chlorothiazide, ethacrynic acid and frusemide on human vascular smooth muscle. Blackwell Scientific Publications.

Moulds, Mok J.S.L. & R.F.W. (1981) A comparison of the effects of diazoxide, chlorothiazide, ethacrynic acid and frusemide on human vascular smooth muscle. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology, 8 (6). p. 621.

MALEK, SRI NURESTRI BINTI HJ ABD (1981) Contrasting Reaction of Silver Perchlorate and Silver Tosylate with 6-endo-hydroxy-5-exo, iodonorborn-2-endo-ylacetic acid d-lactone. pp. 693-694.

Marshall, V.C. Chong and N. (1981) A reconsideration of Munro/Chee(1978) interpretation regarding the impact of inshore trawlers on prawn catches. Pertanika, 4 (2). pp. 200-203.


NADESAN, KASINATHAN (1981) Kurunegala Train Disaster. The Ceylon Medical Journal 1981 (1981). pp. 116-120.

N, Malek S (1981) A speculation for the retention of the dentine shell in idiopathic resorption of teeth. Singapore dental journal, 6 (1). pp. 11-13.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1981) Fourth Biennial Meeting Of The Agricultural Economics Society Of South East Asia , November 1981 Singapore. UNSPECIFIED.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1981) IDRC Workshop On Smallscale Fisheries, Participant and Paper writerMay1981 Singapore. UNSPECIFIED.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1981) Labour Utilisation Patterns In Rubber Smallholdings In Ulu Langat , Selangor,. UNSPECIFIED.


Peng, Tey Nai (1981) Factors affecting contraceptive use in Peninsular Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.


Qvist, R. (1981) Neutrophil function in Diabetics. UNSPECIFIED.


R, Qvist (1981) Decreased stimulated glucose oxidation and iodination by polymorphonuclear leukocytes from insulin treated diabetic subjects. p. 256.

RAHIM, ZUBAIDAH @ JUBAIDAH BINTI HAJI ABD. (1981) G. Lutaya, Z.H.A.Rahim, R.J. Shuttlewood, C.L. Bashford & J.R. Griffiths (1981). Alkalinization of Phosphorylase Kinase Deficient Muscle During Tetanic Contraction. Bioscience Reports; 1:177- 182.


Saifullah, A. Z. A. (1981) Heat Transfer Characteristics of the Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Capsule. Solar Energy, 27 (2). pp. 91-97.

SH, Cheah (1981) Effects of relaxin on in vivo uterine contractions in conscious and unrestrained estrogen treated and steroid untreated ovariectomised rats. pp. 2076-2983.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1981) Overlap contribution to internal conversion coefficients of the 14.4 keV M1 transition in 57Fe.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1981) Radiative and phonon-induced corrections to the ground state energy of electron-hole drops in indirect band gap semiconductors and a new two-component fluid.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1981) Reduction of intensities of paramagnetic resonance lines by lattice vibrations.

SANNASI, RAMANI VIJAYAN (1981) Managment of Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Malaysian J Surgery, 6 (2). pp. 23-28.

SIRAJ, SAEDAH BINTI (1981) Masalah dalam pengajaran novel (Problem in teaching novel). In: UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED.

Sasekumar, V.C. Chong and A. (1981) Food and feeding habits of the white prawn Penaeus merguiensis in the Angsa Bank - Klang Strait wates (Straits of Malacca). Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser., 5. pp. 185-191.


Tanner, S. Meriam Abdul Gani, G.F. Clark and B.K. (1981) Double crystal gamma ray diffractometry. Inst. Phys. Conf. Ser., 60 (5). p. 259.


V.C., Chong, (1981) A preliminary report on the epiepelagic zooplankton communities of the South-China Sea as sampled by the NORPAC twin-net¿, Research Report to IOC/UNESCO. UNSPECIFIED.

V.C., Chong, (1981) Studies on the marine pelagic ecosystem and its dynamics in the Western Pacific¿, Report to IOC/UNESCO. UNSPECIFIED.

VYTHILINGAM, INDRA A/P (1981) A field trial on the comparative effectiveness of actellic 25% EC, 10%EC and Reslin 10/10 by Thermal fog application.


W.J., Agamuthu, P. and Broughton, (1981) Nitrogen cycling in the legume oil palm ecosystems in Malaysia. In: Nitrogen Cycling in South East Asian Wet Monsoonal Ecosystems. Australian Academy of Science, Canberra., 113 - 118.

W.J., Agamuthu, P., Chan, Y.K., Jesinger, R., Khoo, K.M. and Broug (1981) Effect of Differently Managed Legumes on the Early Development of Oil Palms. Agro Ecosystems, 6. 315 - 323.

WJ, Tan IKP, Broughton (1981) Rhizobia in tropical legumes XIII Biochemical basis of acid and alkali reactions. pp. 389-393.

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