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A, Kulenthran (1982) Carcinoma of the vulva - a Malaysian Experience. Med. J. Malaysia, 37. pp. 170-172.

ARIFF, MOHAMMAD RADUAN BIN MOHD (1982) Bandar-bandar Besar Dan Kepesatan Penduduk. UNSPECIFIED.

ARIFF, MOHAMMAD RADUAN BIN MOHD (1982) Bentuk dan Sifat Jalan di Burma. UNSPECIFIED.

ARIFF, MOHAMMAD RADUAN BIN MOHD (1982) Kawasan-kawasan Utama Pertanian Pindah di Asia Tenggara. UNSPECIFIED.

ARIFF, MOHAMMAD RADUAN BIN MOHD (1982) Pantai Timur dan Barat Dari Segi Ekonomi. UNSPECIFIED.

ARIFF, MOHAMMAD RADUAN BIN MOHD (1982) Taburan Penduduk Pulau-pulau Indonesia. UNSPECIFIED.

Ahmad, Rahimah Haji (1982) Pengalaman persekolahan murid-murid: Implikasinya kepada pengajaran formal dan pentadbiran sekolah. Masalah Pendidikan (Issues in Education), 10. 75 - 82.

AL-JASABI, SAAD ABD MOHAMMED (1982) Isolation and purification of Ryanodine receptor/Ca2+ release channels from the skeletal muscle of the lizard A.stellio stellio. Zanco (Series A: Pure and Applied Sciences), 8 (10). pp. 664-669.

AL-JASABI, SAAD ABD MOHAMMED (1982) The evolutionary relationships of rodents suggested by the immunological cross-reactivity of ferritin. zanco (Series A : Pure and Applied Sciences)., 8 (4). pp. 2-13.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1982) Bacteraemic enteritis due to Campylobacter jejuni. Med J Malaysia.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1982) Intracranial abscess due to Streptococcus milleri: A report of seven cases. Singapore Med J.

AMPALAM, SAVITHIRI DEVI PUTHUCHEARY NEE (1982) Synergism between cefoperazone and amynoglycoside against Flavobacterium meningosepticum. Proc XVI Singapore Congress Med. Acad Med.

A., Sasekumar, (1982) On the identification of 3 morphospecies of prawns: Penaeus merguiensis de Man, P. indicus H Milne and P. pencillatus Alcock. Crustaceana, 42. pp. 127-141.

A., Sasekumar, (1982) The contribution of mangrove swamps to coastal fisheries resources. Consumer Association of Penang .

Alhabshi, Sharifah Mariam Syed Mohammed (1982) Draf Pelan Struktur Malis Perbandaran Johor Bharu. Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bharu.

ABAS, WAN ABU BAKAR BIN WAN (1982) The response of Human Skin to Small Tensile Loads In Vitro. pp. 43-46.


Bradley, K H Ng & D A (1982) An undergraduate radiation physics syllabus: Its rationale and development. UNSPECIFIED.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1982) Ideal dan Realiti Dasar Pengecualian Asia Tenggara. UNSPECIFIED.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1982) Kemuncak Konfrantasi Malaysia-Indonesia. UNSPECIFIED.

BAKAR, MOHAMAD BIN ABU (1982) Pondok dan Politik di Terengganu. UNSPECIFIED.

Bahjat, Mujahid M. (1982) Athar Al-Islam fi Ta\'leem Al-Arabiyah li Ghayr Al- Natiqeen Biha. Arabic & Islamic Studies Magazine, Baghdad, 2 (1982). 35 .


Ching, Chong Ving (1982) A study of gonadal maturation and sexual maturity in the white prawn Penaeus merguiensis de Man. Malayan Nature J., 25. pp. 1-12.



GAUDART, HYACINTH MARIE (1982) Play English, Books 1-5. UNSPECIFIED.


HADI, A HAMID BIN A (1982) A Reinvestigation of Pictet-Gams Isoquinoline Synthesis Part 2. Formation of Rearranged Isoquinoline, the oxazoline transformation. J. Chem. Research, 6. pp. 156-157.

H., Ibrahim, (1982) Gene flow in Primula veris L. UNSPECIFIED. UNSPECIFIED.

HASHIM, MOHD ALI BIN (1982) Application of chemical engineering principles in wastewater treatment. UNSPECIFIED.

H, Ng K (1982) Use of computer tomography scanners in treatment planning. UNSPECIFIED.

Hoong, Ng Kwan (1982) How much we know about low-level radiation? UNSPECIFIED.

H., Richards, A.J. & Ibrahim, (1982) The breeding system in Primula veris L. II. Pollen tube growth and seed set. pp. 305-314.


IA., Razak (1982) Evaluating the effectiveness of the dental service. Tropical Dental Journal/Odontostomatol Tropicale, 5. pp. 137-139.


Jesudason,C.G., Lim, T.K.and (1982) Waller-Hartree C.I. Calculations. Quantum Chemistry Symposium, 16. pp. 259-264.

JL, Lui (1982) A tooth-coloured restorative material for class II cavities-a preliminary clinical and scanning electron microscope assessment. Dent J of Malaysia, 5. pp. 31-40.

J.C., Wan Abas W.A. & Barbenel (1982) Uniaxial Tension Test of Human Skin In Vivo. Journal Of Biomedical Engineering.


Khera, Joginder Singh Jessy & Harcharan Singh (1982) Joginder Singh Jessy & Harcharan Singh Khera, Peperiksaan Am Kerajaan Untuk Pegawai-Pegawai Kerajaan, Bahagian II, Petaling Jaya: Khera Sdn. Bhd., 1982 (Translated from General Examination for Government Servants , Part II). Khera Sdn. Bhd..

K.Mohd.Yusoff, K.Mohd.Yusoff (1982) Seperation and Partial Characterization of a Prekallikrein and a Trypsin Inhibitor from rat Pancreas. Agents and Action, 9. pp. 173-177.

K.C., Khor, H.T., Tan, N.H. and Wong, (1982) The protein, trypsin inhibitor and lipid of the winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) seeds. Journal of The Science of Food and Agriculture, 33. pp. 998-1000.

KIT, LAM SAI (1982) Aetiological agents in acute respiratory infection in young children.

KIT, LAM SAI (1982) Current concepts on the etiology and pathogenesis of diarrhoea caused by viruses.

KIT, LAM SAI (1982) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of recent rubella infection.

KIT, LAM SAI (1982) The virology laboratory services in Malaysia.

Kon, S.H. (1982) Tracking Mathematics Graduates. Menemui Matematik, 4. 128 - 131.

KRISHNAN, SUBRAMANIAM A/L M S A (1982) Recovery of slow and fast muscles following nerve injury during early postnatal development in the rat. Journal of Physiology, 331. pp. 51-66.

K.C., Tan, N.H. and Wong, (1982) Thermal stability of trypsin inhibitor activity in winged bean. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 30. pp. 1140-43.


LING, CHIA GEK (1982) A note on 1-factors of point determining graphs. Bull. Australian Math. Soc., 25. 264--270.

LOON, LUI JOO (1982) Aspects of Conservative Dentistry. The Sunday Mail.

LALWANI, RAMESH KUMAR (1982) 81. ¿Noise and Vibration Generated by Workshop Machines¿,. Noise and Vibration Control Worldwide, 13 (3). pp. 128-131.

LALWANI, RAMESH KUMAR (1982) ¿Wave Propagation in Rods with Rounded Ends Using Finite Difference Method¿,. Mechanical Design and Production, Cairo, Paper A/171-2, 1982., A (171-2).

Liang, Yap Beng (1982) Pandangan Hidup Orang Dusun. Dewan Budaya (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka).


MING, CHENG HWEE (1982) Expression on cultured human tumour cells of placental trophoblast membrane antigens and placental alkaline phosphatase defined by monoclonal antibodies. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER, 30. pp. 21-26.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Cerebellar coning and uncal herniation in Childhood Acute Leukaemia. pp. 702-704.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Compound composite odontome associated with a dentigerous cyst. Aust Dent J, 27. pp. 318-319.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Egg protein induced villous atrophy. Journal of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 1. pp. 29-33.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Hepatitis B virus surface antigen in glomerular immune complex deposits of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Histopathology, 6. pp. 141-148.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Minimal Change Glomerular Disease in Malaysian Adults and use of Alternate Day Steroid Therapy. Quarterly Journal of Medicine., 203. pp. 312-328.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Morphological Patterns of Glomerular Disease in Renal Biopsies from 1000 Malaysian Patients. Annals Acad Med Singapore, 11. pp. 52-56.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Pathological Lung changes in the Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Malaysian J Surgery.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) Reye-like Syndrome due to Margosa Oil poisoning: Report of a case with postmortem findings. Am J Gastroenterol, 77. pp. 158-161.

MENG, LOOI LAI (1982) The Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Children. Malaysian J of Surgery.

Malek, Sri Nurestri (1982) Steroidal Components of Eurycoma apiculatta. pp. 105-112.

Malek, Sri Nurestri (1982) The Essential Oils of Eurycoma apicullata. Sains Malaysiana, 11 (2). pp. 87-103.

M., Tan, N.H., Lowe, E.S.H. and Iskandar, (1982) The extractability of winged bean trypsin inhibitors. pp. 1327-1330.


Ng, K H (1982) Plastic solid state nuclear track detectors: An introduction. UNSPECIFIED.

Ng, D A Bradley & K H (1982) The uses of plastic solid state track detectors in the teaching of radiation physics. UNSPECIFIED.

N.N., Hussein, (1982) An assessment of commercially available fluoride supplements. British Dental Journal, 153. pp. 99-102.

Ng, K H (1982) An undergraduate radiation physics syllabus: Its rationale and development. UNSPECIFIED.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1982) Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) Seminar November 1982.,Penang Malaysia. ¿A Review Of Cooperative Legislation In Peninsular Malaysia. UNSPECIFIED.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1982) Sea Grant Seminar and Workshop On ¿Coastal Living Resources In Malaysia¿ 25 28 May 1982, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia Working paper. UNSPECIFIED.

NAIR, SULOCHANA NAIR A/P KUTIRI RAMAN (1982) UNDP / FAO /CIRDAP Seminar On Integrated Rural Development August 1982, Commilla , Bangladesh¿ Country Paper on Integrated Rural Development In Malaysia¿. UNSPECIFIED.

N.H., Tan, (1982) Acidic phospholipase A2 from the venom of common sea snake (Enhydrina schistosa). pp. 503-508.

N.H., Tan, (1982) Cardiotoxins from the venom of Malayan cobra. pp. 51-8.

N.H., Tan, (1982) Isolation and preliminary characterization of two toxic phospholipase A2 from the venom of Malayan cobra. Biocheimica et Biophysica Acta, 719. pp. 599-605.


Patricia, Matusky, (1982) Musical Instruments and Musicians of the Malay Shadow Puppet Theater. pp. 38-68.

P., Narasimha K, Ng K H, Oh C, Khaw M T & Nithianathan (1982) Use of computer tomography scanners in treatment planning. UNSPECIFIED.


R.B., Abdullah, (1982) Effect of dietary calcium levels and ovulation on plasma levels of corticosterone, progesterone and oestradiol in laying hen. Animal Production and Health in the Tropics. pp. 429-430.

RJ, Latifah (1982) Measurement of ionic fluoride in milk. UNSPECIFIED.


Saifullah, A. Z. A. (1982) Comments on: ¿Computer Simulation of the performance of a Solar Pond in the Southern Part of Iran¿ by Aliakbar Akbarzadeh and Goodraz Ahmadi. p. 269.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) A model of mixed valence in rare-earth intermetallic compounds.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) Lattice dynamical contributions to g-values,.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) Linear scaling of the hyperfine constant and g value.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) Moessbauer isomer shifts of 40K+ in KF, KCl, and KBr lattices.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) Nonequilibrium steady states of ferromagnets illuminated by microwaves.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) Second- and third-order processes in the theory of spin-lattice relaxation.

SHRIVASTAVA, KESHAV NARAIN (1982) Theory of antishielding of ions in solids.

Shah, Mohd Hazim (1982) The Philosophical Foundations of Maxwell¿s Later Formulation of the Theory of Electromagnetism. Malaysian Journal of Science, 7. pp. 113-120.

SANNASI, RAMANI VIJAYAN (1982) ARDS following severe trauma. Malaysian J Surgery, 7 (1). pp. 39-41.

Satgunasingam, Rajikin, M.H., R.B. Abdullah, Hamid Arshat and N. (1982) Serum prolactin levels during pregnancy, intrapartum and postpartum periods in Malay women. pp. 72-75.

Sasekumar, V.C. Chong and A. (1982) On the identification of three morphospecies of prawns - Penaeus merguiensis de Man, Penaeus indicus H. Milne-Edwards and Penaeus penicillatus Alcock (Crustacea: Penaeidae). Crustaceana, 42 (2). pp. 127-141.


T, Lui JL & Low (1982) The surface finish of the new microfill restorative materials. A scanning electron microscope study. pp. 67-82.


VYTHILINGAM, INDRA A/P (1982) A field trial on the effectiveness of Bioresmethrin Reslin 10/10 on Aedes aegypti.

VYTHILINGAM, INDRA A/P (1982) A survey of public opinion on the effects of thermal fogging with diesel based and water base Reslin 10/10, Reslin 10%EC and Actellic 25% EC.


WJ, Tan IKP, Broughton (1982) Rhizobia in tropical legumes XIV Ion uptake differences between fast and slow-growing strains. pp. 295-299.


Yok, Choi Kim (1982) La Malaisie au debut du siecle: Les aventures d\'un planteur de caoutchou francais. Sudestasie, Paris.

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